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Identifying Places to Volunteer

Thousands of Volunteer Opportunties Exist


Recommendations for Volunteers:

  • Find an organization that matches your personal goals and value system.
  • Attend orientation and training meetings in order to become a successful volunteer.
  • Be a responsible volunteer and take the position seriously (honor your commitments).
  • Maintain a willingness to learn the ropes and gain some experience before expecting to move to the top of the organization.

Ideas for finding volunteer opportunities in your community:

  • Local organizations such as United Way, Planned Parenthood, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, etc.
  • Local churches and synagogues
  • Local government offices
  • Local civic groups such as the Rotary, Kiwanis, Elks, and Lions clubs
  • Local arts centers, community theaters
  • Local food pantries
  • Local domestic violence shelters
  • Local homeless shelters
  • Local daycare centers
  • Mentoring children and adults on health and academic issues
  • Educating children and adults on subjects you’re passionate about
  • Local zoos, animal shelters, conservation groups
  • Local Hospitals, hospices, nursing homes
  • Residential facilities (disabled persons/abused children)
  • Local newspapers, television and radio stations
  • Local schools and libraries
  • Local community and volunteer centers
  • Big Brother Big Sister Programs
  • Local camps for children with life threatening illnesses
  • Engage in activities to improve and protect the environment
  • To find volunteer opportunities in your community, a good place to start is Volunteer Match

National Volunteer Organizations & Opportunities:

International Volunteer Organizations & Opportunities:

The above are just a few of the many organizations that exist for volunteering. For an experience that meets your personal goals and value system, doing a thorough self-assessment first can help identify those opportunities that will best meet your expectations.

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