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Internship Success!


Now's the time to put in the effort to make your internship a success. If things are not going well, there's still time to turn it around.

Finding an Internship for Fall Semester
Internships Spotlight10

Internship of the Week – Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile CPU/GPU Logic Design Intern will learn all phases of front-end design and with its new "Vision 2020" Plan students will be ready to compete with the competition.

Maria Shares Her EHS Story

Educational Housing Services provides safe, affordable housing options for students and interns in the New York City area.

Internship Pick of the Week: Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com, one of the top 10 largest Enterprise Software Companies, offers internships as a Business Development Sales Apprentice.

Darcie Shares Her EHS Story

Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides great housing accommodations for students and interns in New York City along with other benefits like a secure place to live and interesting trips and outings.

Top 8 Tips in Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

With over 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networking sites for people searching for jobs.

Why is LinkedIn Important?

In today's world, LinkedIn is the social media guru for making professional networking connections and for finding internships or jobs.

No Internship? Not to Worry

If you have not landed an internship for the summer you may want to try seeking other opportunities that will help you gain some knowledge and skills in the workforce.

Internship of the Week: Apple Engineering Program Coop/Internship

Apple has a Fall 2014 engineering internship available for students with extensive computer knowledge.

Internship of the Week: Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility puts students right in the middle of the communications industry as they strive to learn the industry as an intern working for the company.

Internship Pick of the Week:Twitter

What could be better than interning at a company (Twitter) where employees drink over 585 gallons of coffee and consume over 1,440 hard boiled eggs per week?

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