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Before You Accept an Internship: Read These Internship Stories


Students share their internship experiences and tell all about what it's like being a college intern. If you'd like to share your story about your internship experience, please feel free to do so. Since all internships are different, we'd like to learn more about your internship and what you valued most about the experience.

Interning with the NBA:

Students who are interested in working in the sports field should seriously consider doing one or more internships during college. Getting a job in the sports field can be very competitive and those serious about entering this field should do everything they can to learn the necessary skills and make some professional connections. An internship is the perfect opportunity to do both. Networking with professionals currently working in the field can be crucial to getting hired in the future.

An Internship With Digg.com:

Clint James had the opportunity to do some blogging for Digg.com and Experience, Inc. Blogging has opened up many opportunities for people who possess a wide variety of interests and Clint was able to use further develop his writing skills by maintaining an online blog. Clint even received his first job because of his blog.

Interning With The National Sculpture Society:

Darnell Sessoms found this internship with The National Sculpture Society through his work at the Career Services Office at his college. Over the course of the summer, Darnell used the skills he already possessed while learning many new skills through his work as an intern at the Society. This opportunity gave Darnell more confidence in his abilities and helped him to appreciate how he could actually use his skills in many different environments.

Interning with Key Education Resources, Sallie Mae, and the US Coast Guard:

Lian Chen offers her story about interning with three very different organizations. Lian offers a brief story about her experience with Experience.com and how this opportunity with them landed her three very different internship experiences.

Interning with JS² Communications

With no job offer in sight, Liz Castoro discusses how networking with a previous manager helped her secure a part-time internship that led to a full-time job offer within 3 days.
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