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Intern Stories

Internships provide an opportunity to get your feet wet in a career that you're interested in learning more about. Read about some actual experiences of interns and how their internships prepared them for the real world.

The Gen Y Way & How New Thinking Can Reclaim the American Dream
This book is a must-read for those in charge of hiring new employees in corporate America and in government and provides valuable information on how Gen-Y’s can provide the answers that will help our workforce to survive and become more competitive.

Got that Summer Internship You Really Wanted?
Have you finally landed that summer internship you've been looking for? If so, please let us know what you'll be doing and where.

Students Share Their Job Shadowing Experiences.
Job shadowing is an excellent way to learn more about career fields of interest, do some networking, and to conduct informational interviews on the spot.

Students Share Internship Experiences
Would you like to know before you start what it's like working for a specific company or organization? Do you want to know what other students have done in the way of internships? I'd like to get some discussions started here on students actual internship experiences. If you've completed one or more internships in the past, please share them with us.

Interns Share Their Internship Experience
Students share their internship experiences with readers.

An Interview with Felix a Former Next Step Connections Intern
Felix a former intern with Next Step Connections shares his internship abroad experience.

An Interview with Samantha - Intern with Next Step Connections
A first step look at Next Step Connections internships abroad through the eyes of a Central Michigan University student.

Accept an Internship
Read These Internship Stories

Former interns share their experiences.

Liz Castoro Bio
Liz Castoro graduated from Adelphi University where she received a BA in Communications and began her career in communications after accepting a part-time internship.

New Graduate Turns Part-Time Internship Into Full-Time Job Offer
Liz Castoro tells her story of how she turned her part-time internship into a full time job offer.

Tell Us Your Internship Story
Students are interested in hearing about other students' internship experiences so please feel free to share your story with us.

Interns Share Their Stories
Former interns share their internship experiences. See how they got their internships along with what value they received from doing an internship.

National Sculpture Society Internship Story
An internship with the National Sculpture Society provided this intern with an opportunity to develop some new knowledge about the art world while further developing some of his computer, communication, and organizational skills.

Q & A With IES Buenos Aires Student Intern
IES internship abroad student discusses her IES internship experience in Buenos Aires.

Q & A with IES Student in Bejing
Melissa Sconyers discusses her IES Abroad internship in Beijing, China.

Q & A with IES Milan Student Participant
Jose Vega participated in an internship abroad working for the the city's Communication and Public Affairs office through the IES Milan program.

Blogging for Digg.com
Clint James was selected as a contestant for a competition to win a job shadow at Digg.com. Clint didn't win the overall competition but was asked to stay on as a blogger for the site.

Interning with the NBA
Brandon Mefford describes his unique internship with the NBA and how it led to his current position with Phoenix Suns/Mercury/Road Runners.

My Amazing Co-Op Experience
Twenty-two-year-old Cortney Gregory from Midland, MI., talks about her amazing co-op experience at Dow Corning, Corp. Cortney discusses the value of getting an internship or co-op experience prior to entering the job market

Making the Best of a Bad Internship Experience
This is a story about how one intern turned a bad internship into an experience that launched his career.

Small Town College Student Interns in the Big Apple
Jason is an average small-town Michigan college student thrown into the Big Apple to work as an intern for Law & Order:

Defining Moments
A "Defining Moment" can lead to a lifelong career that perfectly matches your interests, skills, and personality and can also offer you an opportunity to work at something you are passionate about.

National Security Agency
Charley discusses his awesome internship experience working for the NSA.

Microsoft: The Internship Story
The Experience Microsoft Programme (EMP) - an internship programme where Microsoft Malaysia takes in university graduates under its tutelage for 12 months.

Intern Success Stories from BusinessWeek Online
Most students go into internships with no way of knowing if their expectations will be met. We asked several how their hopes and realities matched up.

My Internship at Rand McNally
If I could use one word to describe my internship, it would be "busy"!

Famous Former Interns
Want to know where some of our celebrities got their start?

Interning at inMotion
“At inMotion, you are helping women move on with their lives and that is tremendously satisfying.”

Interning at the Institute for Global Engagement
"One of the things I learned immediately about IGE was that each day would differ significantly from the previous one."

Interning for WISH Vancouver
Why are so many young professionals interersted in the WISH Vancouver internship program? Here are a few key facts that we have heard from many of our past internship program participants.

Characteristics of Generation Y
Generation Y possesses an intuitive sense in understanding technology due to the environment in which they’ve grown up in and they bring a much more creative and innovative approach to solving problems than any previous generation before them.

Can 1st Year Students Get a Summer Internship - Draft
First year college students may find it difficult to find summer internships or jobs but with a little strategizing it may not be as hard as it looks.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)

Margaret-Ann Shares Her EHS Story

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