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Finding an internship

Search thousands of U.S. and worldwide internships and entry-level jobs with companies, organizations, and agencies offering opportunities to gain valuable work experience and a chance to discover new career options available for students, recent graduates and career changers. There are many resources available for finding an internship in every career field imaginable.
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Pinterest for Internship & Job Searching
Pinterest is another social media site that is making its way into career development and the job search process.

How to Build a Professional Portfolio
Having a professional portfolio is a great way to show employers specific examples of your work and can oftentimes provide the impetous to hire on the spot.

Can We Win the War Against Unpaid Internships?
The battle against unpaid internships is beginning to make progress with employers, students, and colleges across the country.

5 Common Mistakes Students Make When Looking for an Internship
Here's a list of five common mistakes students can avoid when looking for an internship.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Internships
Vote for your favorite internship and internship resources for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards from February 22 through March 21.

Finding the Right Internship
Finding the right internship can give students a major advantage when competing for jobs after they graduate.

Taking a Gap Year After Graduation
A Gap Year affords new graduates time to further explore their interests and gain some knowledge and experience along the way.

Finding a Summer Internship By Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Developing S.M.A.R.T. goals can help you find an internship for the summer.

2012 Readers' Choice Award for Best Site for Finding Internships
Vote for 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Site for Finding Internships from February 22 through March 21, 2012.

2012 Readers' Choice Award for Best Social Media Site for Finding Internships
Vote in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Social Media Site for Finding Internships from February 22 through March 21, 2012..

2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Organization to Intern For
Vote for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for best organization to intern for from February 22 through March 21, 2012.

Tips for Using Facebook When Searching for Internships or Jobs
Facebook has increasingly become a major player when it comes to finding internships or jobs.

Finding the Right Internship Takes Time, Planning, & Patience
Finding the right internship takes time and planning in order to land the perfect opportunity.

Top Internship Sites on the Web
By searching internship sites on the web, you can easily access thousands of opportunities available in any career field or location you choose, including abroad.

How to Find a Paid Summer Internship
Finding a paid summer internship can be challenging but by understanding the process and following a few strategies and techniques, students can increase their chances of finding a paid opportunity over the summer.

Ways You Can Afford to do an Unpaid Internship
If you can't afford to do an unpaid internship perhaps several of these strategies and techniques will help you to find funding.

Temp Agencies Offer Summer Employment
Temp agencies caen be a good place for findingg summer employment.

About.com's Readers' Choice Awards 2012
About.com Readers' Choice Awards are back again for 2012. Please take a moment to nominate your favorite internship plus more.

Internships for College Students
College students can find a variety of resources for finding internships through college career centers and online resources.

Six Steps to Finding a Job After College
Finding a job after college can be easier if you follow these six steps.

Summer Internship Season is Here! Start Preparing ASAP!
The process of finding a summer internship usually begins by checking out the numerous opportunities available and deciding which ones meet your qualifications and expectations.

A Sampling of AmeriCorps Summer Programs
AmeriCorps offers many year round and summer programs for college students, new graduates, and others who are interested in volunteering, giving back and making a difference in the local community or nation.

Local, National, and Overseas Volunteer Opportunities
Local, national, and international organizations offer thousands of volunteer opportunities to people of all ages.

Three Strategies for Finding an Internship
Three strategies for finding internships include: networking, checking through internship listings, and prospecting.

#1 Strategy for Finding an Internship - Networking
Networking is the #1 strategy for finding internships and jobs.

#3 Strategy for Finding an Internship - Prospecting
Prospecting is a strategy for finding internships by contacting employers in a field of interest to see if they offer internships.

#2 Strategy - Finding Internships Through Online Databases
Internship databases provide listings of internships in many different career fields.

Five Tips for Finding a Summer Internship During Winter Break
Winter break is an exellent time to begin looking for summer internships. Reviewing internship listings as well as uncovering potential employers will provide an opportunity to begin applying for summer internships early in the process.

Finding an Internship
There are many resources available for finding an internship. Networking, attending career fairs, contacting employers, and looking for internship listings are ways to begin conducting your search. Finding an internship requires planning but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Internships for Career Changers
You are currently in a dead end career or you no longer feel challenged in your job. Getting an internship in a career field of interest can offer a sneak peak in a new field as well as teach you specific skills required by employers.

Options for Finding Summer Work
There are many options for college students to explore even if they haven't been able to secure an internship for the summer.

My Internship Has Fallen Through, Now What?
It's important not to panic if you get a call from an employer who let's you know that your internship has fallen through.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Your Internship Starts
If you've already landed an internship there are important things that you can do to prepare yourself before the internship starts and to make the experience more successful.


Bates White Summer Internship Program

10 Things You Need to Do to Get Promoted Quickly
By following these 10 steps you will increase your chances of moving up in the ranks quickly in any organization.

Career & Internship Connections

7 Steps to Finding the Right Internship
Here are 7 steps to help you find the right internship.

5 Tips for Finding an Internship Online

Educational Housing Services (EHS)
Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides housing options in 7 different residences for students and college interns in the New York City area.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)
Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides housing services to college students and interns in the New York City area.

Employers must be aware of the Department of Labor's Internship Guidelines to ensure that they are not crossing the line and taking unfair advantage of college students currently enrolled in their internship programs.

Milking Your Summer Internship

Top 4 Etiquette Tips for New Interns

Who Needs a LinkinIn Profile?
In today's world, LinkedIn is the social media guru for making professional networking connections and for finding internships or jobs.

Top 8 Tips in Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile
With over 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networking sites for people searching for jobs.

Darcie Shares Her EHS Story
Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides great housing accommodations for students and interns in New York City along with other benefits like a secure place to live and interesting trips and outings.

Internship of the Week – Samsung Mobile
Samsung Mobile CPU/GPU Logic Design Intern will learn all phases of front-end design and with its new "Vision 2020" Plan students will be ready to compete with the competition.

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