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Identifying Internship Opportunities


Here are a multitude of online resources that are just loaded with internship opportunities. Learn more about the the types of internships and how to make your internship count. Conducting informational interviews, networking, and attending careers fairs are also ways of finding internships. Exploring careers and checking out corporate internships and internships abroad will also yield added results.
  1. Types of Internships
  2. Finding an Internship & Making it Count
  3. Informational Interview
  4. Networking
  5. Career Exploration
  1. Exploring Career Fields
  2. Internship Resources
  3. Internships Abroad
  4. Corporate Internships

Types of Internships

Learn more about the types of experiential education, internships for credit, paid internships versus unpaid, transcript notations, and the overall importance of completing at least one internship experience.

Finding an Internship & Making it Count

How to find an internship, top tips for interns, frequently asked questions about internships, making the most of your internship, developing internship goals, the value of doing an internship.

Informational Interview

How to conduct an informational interview, informational interviewing tips, sample informational interviews. Informational interviews provide additional information on careers of interest once the intitial research has been done. Finding out what people like and dislike about their jobs can be very helpful when assessing career options.


How to network, tips for successful networking, the importance of establishing professional connections. Networking is about building personal relationships over time. Networking is not to be started when looking for an internship or a job; but networking is cultivating personal and professional relationships that can be helpful when in the process of seeking future career change or growth.

Career Exploration

Career exploration is a major aspect of the career planning process which includes researching companies and organizations and doing research on career options. Career exploration can be accomplished by researching the internet, informational interviewing, job shadowing, service-learning, co-ops, and internships.

Exploring Career Fields

Exploring careers based on personal interests, gaining relevant experience in career field of interest, identifying viable career options are all an important part of exploring career fields based on personal values, interests, and abilities.

Internship Resources

Online internship search engines, top internship sites, books on internships.

Internships Abroad

The value of doing an internship abroad, overseas opportunities, college students share their experiences abroad. Internships abroad provide students with first hand experiences working in a different culture. In today's global economy, students who complete one or more internships abroad are looked upon highly by many corporations.

Corporate Internships

Developing an internship program, employer best internship practices, internship study reveals important facts on internships. Many corporations use their internship programs as a training ground for selecting potential future employees for the company.

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