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Internship for Credit

Internships for Credit


Internships for credit requires development of a strong academic center; that is, a set of organizing principles that will foster a particular discipline of mind. The central question is the value of the internship experience in a higher education context. Internships that are primarily clerical or mechanical do not qualify for academic credit.

Students looking to do an internship for credit usually will need an academic sponsor who will oversee and set the criteria of the internship. To meet the academic component of the internship, students may be required to complete a journal, essay, or presentation to illustrate the knowledge and skills they learned.

Check with your college to find out more about their application and internship procedure. Colleges may award 3, 6, 9, or 12 credits based on the knowledge learned and the total number of hours worked.

Although credit for an internship usually rolls into the cost of regular college tuition, most colleges require that students pay per credit hour for a summer internship, which can get to be expensive especially if the internship is unpaid.

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