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Internships Abroad

There are numerous special abroad programs that are available only to undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates. The best time to seek an international work experience is while you are still a student or recently graduated. When looking for an internship abroad be prepared to plan early and do your research since visa and work permits are different for each country.

Should I Consider Doing an Internship Abroad?
Making a decision to do an internship abroad could be one of the best experiences of your life.

Global Experiences Offers Great Opportunities in London
Global Experiences offers internships in a wide range of career fields and locations including the city of London

Internships Abroad Provide Enormous Value to Students
Internships abroad provide tremendous value to students as they become culturally immersed in another culture and develop a global perspective in today's challenging economy.

Institute of International Education
The Institute of International Education assists international students from countries in upheaval to be able to continue their education and be able to later return to their countries better able to help rebuild the communities that have experienced some sort of crisis.

International Internships Through CRCC Asia
CRCC Asia provides many internship opportunities for students interested in working and living in China.

CRCC Asia Intern Shares Her Story
CRCC Asia intern shares her story about her internship in China.

Internship Opportunities at ONE
The ONE Campus Leader Internship Program provides students with information on how to fight poverty and disease by developing strong leadership skills and hard work.

Transitions Abroad Offers a Wealth of Opportunities
Transitions Abroad is a portal of all kinds of work, internships, travel, study, and living abroad opportunities.

The Washington Center offers Internship & Seminar Opportunities Abroad
The Washington Center provides internship and academic experiences for students seeking to work domestically and abroad.

2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Finding Internships Abroad
Nominate and vote for 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Sites for Finding Internships Abroad.

The Benefits of Going Abroad
Doing an internship abroad gives applicants a level of cultural understanding that they could have have gained without living in another country.

Internship Placement with The Academy of Internships Abroad
The Academy of Internships Abroad provides internships for graduates and young professionals with responsible organizations across the globe.

Internships in China
Kampus Asia offers many internship and housing opportunities in China for students around the world.

Internships Abroad with Connect-123
Connect-123 International Internship Program offers varied experiences for college students in Cape Town and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Interview with Logan - Next Step Connections Intern
Next Step Connections is an internship program that helps students to find internships in China.

Jonathan, Interview with Next Step Connections Intern
Jonathan discusses his internship abroad experience with Next Step Connections.

Next Step Connections Offers Internship Opportunities for Students in China
Next Step Connections provides a variety of internships in China for students from all over the world.

Summer Internships - Summer Internship Experience
Students are asked their #1 reason for doing an internship abroad.

Li Discusses Her Experience Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) offers students opportunities to volunteer and intern abroad while developing key skills in cultural awareness and acceptance.

Interview with Cross-Cultural Solutions Director of Program Enrollment
Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) offers students opportunities to volunteer and intern abroad while developing key skills in cultural awareness and acceptance.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) offers students an opportunities to volunteer and intern abroad and helps them to develop key skills in cultural awareness and acceptance.

The Institute for the International Education of Students
The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) has provided quality study and internship abroad experiences for students since 1950.

Interview with Mary M. Dwyer, Ph.D., President & CEO of IES Abroad
Internships abroad have become increasingly more popular in recent years. Many students are encouraged by their colleges to participate in at least one study and/or internship abroad prior to college graduation.

iHipo.com posts opportunities for internships, jobs, and traineeships abroad. Student profiles are also available for those seeking information about specific experiences completed by other students.

Preparing to do an Internship Abroad
Internships abroad offer opportunities to gain experience and learn about the many cultures and people around the world.

Overseas Opportunities
Students and new graduates interested in finding opportunities overseas will find an abundance of choices available. Identifying the type of experience as well as the locations of interest is the logical first step to finding a rewarding experience in another country.

Ankama Games ~ Internship Abroad
Ankama Games is a leading online games developer. Based in France, the company has already attracted over 6 million players worldwide.

Planning To Do An Internship Abroad
Planning to do an internship abroad may pose some unique challenges but the benefits will far outweigh any of the difficulties encountered in the process.

InternshipsAbroad.com offers a comprehensive organized directory of intern abroad programs worldwide.

Global Experiences
Global Experiences is an international education programs provider, specializing in international internships and work experience abroad.

Work, Volunteer and Teach Abroad ~ BUNAC offers a range of working holidays including a summer camp counselling programme in the USA and Canada, flexible work and travel programmes to Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and South Africa and volunteering/teaching placements.

Transitions Abroad
Learn, Teach, Volunteer and Work as an International Intern.

Internships All Over the World
Use this site from U.S. News & World Report to Find Internships all over the World.

Internships available in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangalore in business development, marketing, sales, and finance.

Fashion Internships Abroad
Fashion internships in Milan, Florence, Paris, London and Sydney!

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad
Global Vision International offers internships and volunteer opportunities numerous work related experiences South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, India, Thailand, Laos, Ecuador and Kenya.

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