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Career Fairs

Career Fairs provide students and job seekers an opportunity to make contact with many employers all in the same day. It's important to arrive prepared and be ready to make a great first impression!

5 Tips for New College Graduates to Find Jobs
Here are 5 Tips to help new graduates find jobs in today's competitive job market.

Job Fair Success Strategies
Job fair success requires planning and developing a strategy that makes best use of your time.

Top 10 Tips for Participating in a Career Fair
Attending career fairs provide an opportunity to get yourself in front of many employers all at one time and a chance distribute a large number of resumes. Since there are usually many people attending these events, it's important to follow up with employers immediately after the fair.

You Can Get a Job From Attending a Career Fair
While most professionals write off career fairs as a means of finding a job, according to a SHRM/Career Journal Poll Search Tactics Survey, over 70% of human resources departments participating rely on job fairs to recruit employees.

Job Market Predictions for the Graduating Class of 2012
What are employers saying about the current job market for the Class of 2012 new graduates?

How to Prepare for a Career Fair
Career Fairs offer an opportunity to meet many different employers in one day and a chance to supply them with a resume and a brief 60 second "elevator speech" prepared in advance.

Women for Hire
Women For Hire offers signature career fairs, an exceptional professional online network, inspiring speeches and seminars, a smart, popular career-focused magazine, customized marketing programs, and an online job board—all of which connect leading employers and talented professional women in all fields.

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