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Writing a Thank You Note When You are Not Selected for the Internship or Job

What Should I Do if I'm Rejected?


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Writing a thank you note after receiving a letter of rejection can be an opportunity to further discuss your candidacy and pitch yourself one more time. It is not unusual for an offer to be made to another candidate only to have that other person decline the offer or maybe in the end the job just does not work out.

Maintaining a professional and positive attitude when communicating with the company after the interview will make a favorable impression should something else come up down the road. Feel free to express your disappointment in not getting the internship or the job but also take the opportunity to reiterate your knowledge, interests and skills and how you still see yourself as the perfect candidate for the internship or the job or even another position should one come up.

Learn from the Experience:

If you receive a rejection notice after being interviewed be sure to take the time to reflect on the experience.

After an interview it may be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I do my homework and was I able to express my understanding of the company during the interview?

  2. Were there any questions that I had difficulty answering and was there something I could have done to better prepare myself for the interview?

  3. Was I able to articulate my knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to the internship or job?

  4. Was I appropriately dressed and did I offer a firm handshake and maintain eye contact during the interview while doing my best to appear confident and relaxed?

  5. Did I have several questions prepared to ask the interviewer in order to express my understanding of the organization or the job and to show my interest in learning more?
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