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Sample Thank You Note After Being Rejected for an Internship or Job

Writing a Thank You Note After You've Been Rejected


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Jim Petri
242 Bank Square
Philadelphia, PA 12222

March 23, 20XX

Mr. Nelson Brown, Vice President
Merrill Lynch 444 Shippee Street
Philadelphia, PA 12222

Dear Mr. Nelson:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for the financial analyst internship position with Merrill Lynch. I appreciate your time and consideration and I felt that I learned a lot about the company during the interview.

Although I am disappointed that I did not get the internship, I hope you will keep my materials on file for further consideration. My previous coursework and last two internships in the financial services industry make me an ideal candidate for any opportunities that become available in your department and our meeting last week only confirmed that I would be a perfect fit for the organization.

Again I’d like to thank you for your time and consideration and please keep me in mind should another position become available in the near future.


Jim Petri

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