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Writing a Professional Thank You Note

Writing a thank you note after an interview is not only a courteous gesture on your part, it also helps to set you apart from other candidates. Thank you notes can also provide an opportunity to highlight something interesting about the internship/company or to provide additional information about your interests, skills, or accomplishments. Don't forget to send that all important thank you note.

Post-Internship Thank You Letter
Post-internship thank you letters are a good way to communicate your appreciation and expand your professional networking contacts once you have completed your internship experience.

Writing a Thank You Note When You are Not Selected for the Internship or Job
Thank you notes are important even after receiving a rejection notice from an employer after the interview.

Sample Thank You Note After Being Rejected for an Internship or Job
A sample thank you after being rejected for the internship or job.

Thank You Letter Template
A Thank You Letter Template to help you express your appreciation, as well as your interest and enthusiasm in the internship.

Thank You Notes
Thank you notes are a very important part of the interview process and should be sent out immediately after the interview.

Writing a Thank You Letter
You've sent in your resume and cover letter, you've just completed your interview, now it's time to send that all important thank you note.

Why Do I Need to Write a Thank You Note?
Many interviewees neglect the imporance of sending a thank you note immediately after the interview. See why thank you notes are so important.

Sample Thank You Letters
Job interview sample thank you letters offers specific tips on what to say immediately after an interview.

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