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Internships in Major League Baseball

Opportunities for Students Interested in Sports & Business


About Major League Baseball & MLB.com

Major League Baseball is the association of professional baseball teams in two separate leagues, the American league and the National league. It is composed of 30 teams throughout the United States and Canada. The original National League was formed in 1876. The American Association, the predecessor to today’s American league, was formed in 1881 and was also known as “The Beer and Whiskey League”. For several years thereafter, the National League and American Association met in a postseason championship series, the first attempt at a World Series. The current baseball season is 162 games long, not including the post-season, and begins in April and ends in October.

MLB.com is the official site of Major League Baseball. It is a source of baseball-related material, including news, statistics, and sports columns. MLB.com provides streaming video and audio broadcasts of baseball games to subscribers, sells official baseball merchandise, allows users to purchase game tickets, and runs fantasy baseball leagues.

Internships offered by Major League Baseball:

A career in baseball can offer a unique and challenging career path in a very exciting and sought after industry. Both Major League Baseball and MLB.com offer a wide range of internships, both in the United States and abroad. These include positions in marketing, media & communications, public relations, social media, promotions, e-commerce, IT Help Desk, and more. Opportunities exist with both MLB.com, and with individual major league baseball teams.


Students must have completed their sophomore year of college, have an interest in working with a specific department within baseball, and apply online attaching their resume and cover letter. Cover letter must detail why students want to pursue an internship in a specific department within MLB.


Locations exist across the United States

Internship of the Week:

The Fan Cave Internship:

On-site Operations Intern:

The On-site Operations intern will work to coordinate Fan Cave deliveries. As part of the process they will take inventory, maintain a log sheet, etc. The will also be responsible for coordinating key operational vendors and maintaining adequate inventory of Fan Cave apparel, beverages, and ensure that products are properly stocked and assist in maintaining Fan Cave décor.

General Fan Cave Intern:

  • General interns will assist with Fan Cave events
  • Interns will track and process all bills and receipts
  • Assist in the maintenance of Fan Cave décor
  • Interns will coordinate volunteers, giveaways, and weekend tours
  • Assist with video content production


All internships are located in New York City.

To Apply:

MLB.com and the Office of the Commissioner both offer a formal paid summer internship program beginning in May and concluding by early-to mid-August. On a limited basis, a number of spring and fall internships are available. Housing is not available for these internships. Application deadline is March 1st.

To apply applicants can go to the website and select functional area and employment status.

When applying for internships be sure to check out Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter and The 5 Ways to Improve a Resume prior to sending in your documents.

5 Steps to Improve a Resume:

  1. Organize your information
  2. Highlight your qualifications
  3. Use bullet points to display important information
  4. Include only relevant information and remove any clutter
  5. Make sure your resume is error free

5 Steps to Improve a Cover Letter:

  1. Address your cover letter to the right person
  2. Capture the reader's attention
  3. Make your cover letter stand out
  4. Make sure your cover letter is error free
  5. Ask for an interview at the end of your letter

By following these 10 steps you will be well on your way to getting yourself noticed by employers in hopes of getting called for an interview. The sole purpose of a resume and cover letter is to land an interview, so the effort it takes to improve your documents is well worth the effort. Be sure to check out Alison Doyle's, About.com's Guide to Job Searching, website to pick up some valuable internship and job search tips.

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