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Diversity Corner

Many opportunities are available for internships and jobs for diverse populations.

Opportunities for Students of Color and Under-Represented Groups
Many internship and co-op opportunities exist across the country for students of color. These opportunities range from careers in the sciences to working in journalism with a small or well-known publication specifically targeted towards under-represented groups and people of color.

Internships with The Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights Campaign offers a wide range of internships for students interested in policy and advocacy and fostering equality for LGBT students.

Most colleges provide a variety of resources to help LGBTQ students be...
Most colleges provide a variety of resources to help LGBTQ students be successful on campus.

Job Search Guide for LGBTQ Students
As an LBGTQ college student there may be special considerations required when looking for a job.

There are many organizations available to college students that provide...

The Workforce Recruitment Program
The Workforce Recruitment Program helps college students and recent college graduates with disabilities connect with employers free of charge to students, colleges, and employers.

Accommodations for Students Taking College Board Tests
Special accommodations can be requested for student with disabilities but a very strict procedure needs to be followed.

Internships for Career Changers
You are currently in a dead end career or you no longer feel challenged in your job. Getting an internship in a career field of interest can offer a sneak peak in a new field as well as teach you specific skills required by employers.

Using an Interpreter in the Job Search
I learned that when looking for a job, it is always better to have an interpreter.

Internship Experience for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Getting experience in the hearing world for the deaf and hearing impaired.

American Geological Institute (AGI)
The American Geological Institute (AGI) MPP program is the longest running minority program in the geosciences.

The Kaiser Media Internship Program For Young Minority Journalists
The Kaiser Media Internships Program, established in 1994, is an intensive 12-week summer internship for young minority journalists interested in specializing in health reporting.

Develops and places talented minority youth in business and industry and prepares them for corporate and community leadership.

United Negro College Fund
UNCF Corporate Scholars; Money for college, experience for a lifetime!

New York Women In Communication, Inc. Foundation
The NYWICI Foundation exists to help young women successfully enter the world of communications by offering financial support, professional guidance and ongoing friendship.

Victory Fund & Leadership Institute
The Victory Fund & Leadership Institute internship program gives the opportunity to gain experience in LGBT political activism, consider career options, strengthen job-related skills and network with leaders in local, state and national politics.

The Women's Edge Coalition
This is the face of the Edge community, consisting of over forty organizations and fifteen thousand individuals committed to the economic empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

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