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Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants

Identifying corporate foundations and funding agencies that offer scholarships, fellowships, and grant money for the purpose of providing paid internships, research opportunities, and undergraduate and graduate school funding.

How to Find a Paid Summer Internship
Finding a paid summer internship can be challenging but by understanding the process and following a few strategies and techniques, students can increase their chances of finding a paid opportunity over the summer.

Deciding to Go to Graduate School

Deciding to Go to Graduate School

College Scholarships & Grants
Find financial aid online, including college scholarships, internships, fellowships, grants, bursaries and loan directories. Review registration forms carefully before submitting - your personal information may be resold or distributed unless you choose to opt out.

Getting an Internship Offer That You Don't Really Want
What if you find yourself in a situation where you've received an offer for an internship but you would prefer to wait to see if you receive any other offers?

Financial Aid Basics
Financial aid to meet a student's educational expenses is available in four basic categories: scholarships, grants, work-study and education loans.

Financing a College Education
To begin, mark your calendar because applying for financial aid is an annual event. Seek scholarships and grants first because the money never has to be repaid.

Italian Scholarships & Grants
Information on financing Italian academic programs and studies. Find scholarship and grant resources, internship applications, and fellowship news.

The Top 10 Skills Employers Want
A list of the top ten skills employers look for when hiring on new candidates for any job.

Scholarship, Fellowship, and Internship Awards
Highly Competitive and Prestigious Scholarship, Fellowship and Internship Awards for College Study, Graduate School and Postgraduate Research.

Finding college financial aid, conduct a scholarship search with our scholarship search engine, and get the money you need to pay for college.

The William J. Clinton Foundation Internship Program
The William J. Clinton Foundation Internship Program was established after former President Clinton's presidency in order to strengthen the ability of people across the world to meet and accept the challenges of global interdependence.

United Negro Scholars Fund
UNCF Corporate Scholars; Money for college, experience for a lifetime!

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