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Sample Education Internship Cover Letter

Sample Internship Cover Letter for Education


Suzy Q. Monroe
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Kingsland, NY 12900
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February 14, 20XX

Ms. Samuel Peabody
Principal Southbay School District
444 Rollaway Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 12345

Dear Ms. Peabody:

It is with great anticipation that I am applying for the position of elementary teacher’s assistant currently posted on Southbay’s website. My education and experience make me an excellent candidate for this position and my dream of becoming a third grade teacher makes me extremely excited about the opportunity to learn more and gain additional experience by participating in the district’s new summer learning program.

My first classroom teaching experience was as a teacher’s assistant for May’s Charter School in New York. I spent most of my time that summer preparing innovative lesson plans for students participating in the accelerated math program. I worked directly with students and student groups to ensure their understanding of the advanced concepts being taught. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and felt that my creativity and ability to work with children was reinforced by the positive feedback I received from students, parents, and the classroom teacher.

Last year, during my fall semester, I worked with upper-level fifth grade students teaching advanced math and science. This was an exceptionally smart group that included special education students who lacked basic verbal and communication skills but who understood and grasped advanced math and science concepts quite easily. This experience taught me the importance of recognizing and managing the wide range of abilities that occur in the classroom. Although these students were taking part in an advanced class, they possessed a wide range of abilities and levels of understanding.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will contact you in one week to discuss my candidacy.


Suzy Q. Monroe

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