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The Internship Application Process


The internship application process may include filling out an application form, resume, and cover letter. Once an applicant has been selected as a potential candidate, the next steps include: phone or in-person interviews, recommendation letters, and thank you notes.
  1. Internship Resume
  2. Internship Cover Letters
  3. Online Posting & Emailing Resumes
  1. Thank You Letters
  2. Interviewing
  3. Reference Letters/Letters of Recommendation

Internship Resume

Tips for writing a great resume, internship resume template, sample internship resumes. Resume writing is a science and an art. You want the resume to be attractive while also including the most relevant information employers are looking for. The hardest part of doing a resume is deciding which information to leave out.

Internship Cover Letters

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Internship cover letter template, sample internship cover letters. Cover letters are a good way to compliment your resume and provide employers with additional information on your personal attributes and your motivation in working for them.

Online Posting & Emailing Resumes

Emailing, scanning, and posting resumes online, sample email resume, preparing a scannable internship resume. When applying for jobs or internships online, many organizations prefer that applicants send application materials via email or by entering information online.

Thank You Letters

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Thank you letter template, how to write a thank you note. Thank you notes should be sent immediately after informational and regular interviews or when following up after attending a career fair.


Top interviewing tips, answering tough questions in an interview. Making a good first impression is key when interviewing for a job. Candidates must prepare themselves for the interviewing process, dress for success, and be mindful of all the nonverbal behavior that will ensure an excellent first impression.

Reference Letters/Letters of Recommendation

Creating a list of work references, maintaining relationships to be used as future references. Identifying people to use as references when interviewing for a job is important since you want to select people who can speak about your knowledge and skills and give a potential employer the information they need to make a favorable first impression. Letters of recommendation provide validity to a resume and cover letter and give an employer the necessary information to make the final selection in the interviewing process.

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