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What is a Professional Portfolio?


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Definition: A professional portfolio provides employers with a complete picture of a candidate applying for a job. Professional portfolios include your experiences, accomplishments, skills, education, interests, and professional goals and objectives. Professional portfolios are much more comprehensive that just a resume and cover letter. Many internship/job candidates will bring their portfolios to their first interview. The professional portfolio will give the employer an in-depth summary of what you have accomplished. Portfolios are often required in education, art, graphic design, theater, and writing jobs but may be used for other careers as well.

Taking the time to develop a high quality portfolio can be the deciding factor that puts you ahead of the game and the competition. Rather than only hearing about your success, a professional portfolio actually shows an employer what you have done. Portfolios provide examples to employers of your best work. Portfolios can help you to make a good first impression and shows the employer that you are really serious about the job. Although creating a portfolio will take some creativity and time, once it’s been developed it only takes minimal effort to keep it current and up-to-date.

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