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Professional Networking

Ever wonder what all the hype is about networking? Developing a new social network can seem daunting to new career professionals and career changers in light of all the other job search activities they are required to do. Yet networking has indeed been recognized as one of the most effective job search strategies there is.

Using LinkedIn to Search for Internships
LinkedIn is not only a great social networking site for finding jobs, it's also a great place to connect and look for internships as well.

In order to achieve the goals students set out to accomplish by completing a...
In order to achieve the goals students set out to accomplish by completing a summer internship or job, these important tips illustrate some important ways that this can be accomplished.

5 Tips for New College Graduates to Find Jobs
Here are 5 Tips to help new graduates find jobs in today's competitive job market.

Nordstrom's Internship Program
Nordstrom's has a robust internship program and receives over 900 applicants per year.

Using Your College’s Career Development Center
Students should begin visiting the Career Development Center at their college during their first year.

2012 Readers' Choice Award for Best Social Media Site for Finding Internships
Nominate and vote in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Social Media Site for Finding Internships.

Tips & Strategies for Using Social Media in the Internship & Job Search
Social media sites can be of great value when looking for an internship or a job in today's competitive job market.

The Value of Facebook
Facebook is clearly the most highly used of all of the social networks with over 600 million users at the beginning of 2011.

Finding a Valuable Mentor Can Help Put Your New Career in the Fast Lane
The importance of developing a strong mentoring relationship with professionals in the field can move your career ahead faster than almost anything else you can do on the first weeks of your internship or job.

What is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn for Networking
What is LinkedIn - How To Use LinkedIn for Networking

Tips for Using Facebook When Searching for Internships or Jobs
Facebook has increasingly become a major player when it comes to finding internships or jobs.

Graduating this year, should I be looking for an internship or a job?
Deciding to apply for an internship or job can provide it's own set of challenges and benefits.

Using StudentMentor.org to Find a Professional Mentor
StudentMentor.org offers a chance for college students to gain knowledge and experise from experienced professionals in the field.

The Value of Social Media in the Internship and Job Search
Social media can help Gen Y students plan out their internship and job search strategy by keeping at it every day.

How to Prepare for an Interview
Preparation is key when getting ready to go on an interview for an internship or a job.

How to Plan for Spring Break - Making Plans for Spring Break
How to Plan for Spring Break - Making Plans for Spring Break

Using Social Networking Sites With Confidence
Although there are many advantages to using social networking sites there are also some pitfalls to watch out for.

Using Social Networking to Your Advantage
Social networking sites are great for keeping up with friends across the globe and can also be advantageous in the internship or job search.

Bio of Melanie Martin, Connect-123
Melanie Martin of Connect-123 describes her experiences and the internship abroad program.

Elevator Speech
Preparing a 30 second elevator speech enables individuals to be able to quickly provide others with information on their knowledge, skills, and accomplishments as well as where they hope to go and what they hope to accomplish.

Networking 101
Networking is the #1 strategy in the job search process. Successful networking involves following specific techniques and strategies.

Networking Tips
Networking is one of the most talked about strategies in finding a job which can also be used for finding internships. It is said that up to 85% of jobs are never advertised and we can assume that there are also many internships that are never advertised as well. Networking helps us to uncover those hidden possibilities.

Developing Professional Connections
Creating a positive rapport and working relationship with supervisors,coworkers,and customers alike will develop professional connections that will add to your longterm network of business contacts and references.

Preparing an "Elevator Speech"
Preparing an "elevator speech" requires some preparation and practice but is worth the effort when networking with new people both personally and professionally.

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Mentor
A good mentoring relationship provides new employees as well as interns with a person that' willing to share their professional knowledge and expertise as well as answer any questions about the field.

The Importance of a Good Mentor
The value of a good mentor is immeasurable when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade as well as becoming connected to those in the know and possess the ability to hire.

Professional Networking
Networking is recognized as the #1 job search strategy in finding a new job. Networking can be informal and take place at a local football game or summer barbeque or it can be a more formal approach like contacting alumnus from your college or other professionals currently working in the field you are looking to enter.

The Best of Effective Networking for Professional Success
Networking is one skill you need to practice to get ahead and survive in these uncertain times of corporate downsizing, freelance consulting, and self-employed workers.

Options for Finding Summer Work
There are many options for college students to explore even if they haven't been able to secure an internship for the summer.

Graduated from College With No Job?
It's not unusual for students to find themselves still without a job once they graduate from college.

Is a College Degree Enough?
Although having a college degree is important, many employers are saying that it's just not enough.

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead

Can 1st Year Students Get a Summer Internship - Draft
First year college students may find it difficult to find summer internships or jobs but with a little strategizing it may not be as hard as it looks.

Hiring Projections for 2014 College Grads is Up - Draft
Hiring projections are up for 2014 graduates this year especially in the fields of business, science, engineering, and liberal arts.

Assessing a Summer Internship Adds Value to the Experience
Assessing an internship after its completion is extremely important in order to make the most out of the experience.

Who Needs a LinkinIn Profile?
In today's world, LinkedIn is the social media guru for making professional networking connections and for finding internships or jobs.

Top 8 Tips in Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile
With over 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networking sites for people searching for jobs.

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