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Top Sites for Jobs and Internships in Entertainment

The Best Places to Look for Entertainment Jobs and Internships


I've included a list of my favorite sites for listing jobs and internships in the entertainment field. Entertainment is an exciting and vibrant field offering many opportunities to gain experience. It is also a very competitive field requiring newbies as well as experienced entertainment professionals to keep on their toes and to constantly keep developing and improving their craft by getting experience doing internships in entertainment.

1. BackstageJobs.com

Stage lights behind film set
Robert Warren / Stone / Getty Images
Backstage Jobs is a free resource listing all "behind-the-scenes" jobs in the industry of live entertainment. Internships in production, stage managing, summer repertory theatre, carpentry, costume, stage management, props, audio/visual, lighting, scenic design, and technical production can all be found on this site. There's a place to click on last minute jobs as well as internships, corporate/trade, summer stock, production/rental house, educational institution, and tour. The site is easy to use and offers a wealth of opportunities for those interested in working back stage.

2. Arts Jobs ~ Artslynx International Resources

Artslynx is an international directory of links to websites relevant to a wide range of arts subjects. Artslynx provides links to resources in the following categories: Dance; Theatre; Visual Arts; Music; Film; Writing and Poetry; Arts Advocacy; Arts empowerment/the healing power of the arts; Arts Education; Arts Administration; and Employment.

A wealth of opportunities can be found on the General Resources & Master sites. Some sites require users to join before they can access their resources. This is easy enough to do but make sure the sites are free and don't require a membership fee to join.

3. EntertainmentCareers.net

Offering Jobs & internships in the entertainment industry including opportunities with Disney, Fox, New Line, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., etc. Here you can find new internship listings and are able to even search by company. For example, one click on Avatar Music and I came up with a current listing looking for a part-time A & R intern. EntertainmentCareers.net can even be found on Facebook, where they list a number of internships.

One feature I especially like is the Resources section listed at the top of the page. They post articles on relevant topics, such as How to Avoid a Scam - describing talent scouts approaching people in malls, clubs, etc., with a promise that they could be the next famous model, etc.

4. Entertainmentjobs.com

Entertainmentjobs.com's mission is to help individuals at all levels from the most inexperienced intern to the most expert senior executive find work and advance in their careers in the entertainment industry.

5. Reel Jobs NYC

REEL JOBS NYC offers free listings in film, television and theatre published by the NYC mayor's office each Monday. Interested applicants are able to download a PDF of local projects scheduled for pre- and production phase in New York City. There is also a newsletter with weekly broadcasting dates and updates offered on film and broadcasting that you can subscribe to.

6. Theater Communications Group (TCG)

TCG offers information, jobs, and internships in theater. By entering internships in the Search button, a series of current or future internships will pop up on the screen.

7. The Actor Site

This free resource lists how the practical working actor builds his/her career and includes free casting notices. Candidates can subscribe to an email list to learn of new opportunities in the LA area. There is also a calendar for members offered free that includes information on commercial workouts, auditions, improvs, and classes being offered in the LA area. You can also subscribe to access all benefits at the current cost of $33.25 per month.

Anyone wanting to submit new sites to be entered to this list, please feel free to email internships@aboutguide.com with your recommendation.

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