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The International Radio and Television Society Foundation

The IRTS Summer Fellowship Program


About IRTS:

The International Radio and Television Society Foundation (IRTS) founded in 1939 became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1964. IRTS’s membership ranges from accomplished professionals in the media and entertainment world to students looking to explore careers in the industry. Students interested in today’s digital world, including: internet, mobile publishing, advertising and more, can apply for IRTS’s Summer Fellowship Program which will give them an opportunity be able to get experience in the field. Since the Foundation’s mission is BUILDING FUTURE MEDIA LEADERS, selected Fellows become a focal point of the organization by helping it to meet one of its primary goals.

About IRTS’s Summer Fellowship Program:

IRTS offers 9 week expense-paid fellowship opportunities in New York City for students interested in gaining experience in television, radio, and new media. Travel, housing, and living expenses are paid for by the Foundation.

Participants of the Summer Fellowship Program will receive practical work experience and career planning advice on how to enter this highly competitive field. Students participating in the program will be exposed to what it’s actually like working in communications and will have an opportunity to work alongside professionals currently working in the field.

The Summer Fellowship Program begins by having students attend an extensive one week orientation in broadcasting, cable, advertising, and interactive media. There is an academic component of the Fellowship that includes lectures and group discussions in addition to the hands-on experience students gain over the course of the nine week program. Students will also get opportunities to take field trips and learn more about networking and interviewing skills by attending social functions within the industry.

IRTS’s Summer Fellowship Program is highly competitive so applicants must follow all application requirements exactly in order to increase their chances of being considered.


IRTS’s Summer Fellowship Program is open to all junior, senior, and graduate students.


All Fellowships are located in New York City.

To Apply:

To apply for a Fellowship with IRTS, please go to their website and hit the APPLY NOW button. When completing the online application it is important to take the time to thoroughly answer the four essay questions as completely as possible.

To learn more about IRTS’s Summer Fellowship Program, you can also check them out on LinkedIn. The website also lists other college programs on their website as well.

Joining IRTS:

The IRTS Foundation offers educational programs covering a wide variety of media interests and demographics. Members take part in working with the organization to educate and provide opportunities for gaining first-hand experience in learning about opportunities in media and entertainment. Members get a chance to share knowledge and ideas at the numerous events that are held throughout the year. The goal is to create academic outreach programs that will help build future leaders and increase diversity in the industry.

According to the website, “The ultimate goal of the IRTS Foundation is to bring together the wisdom of yesterday's founders, the power of today's leaders, and the promise of tomorrow's young professionals”.

Media Careers:

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