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The PreMed Prescription Drug and Experience Program


Sharing Medical Prescription Information on RateADrug:

RateADrug offers a convenient way for an online community of prescription drug users to share their personal experience in using a particular drug. We have all watched endless TV commercials and seen numerous magazine promotions describing the effectives as well as the potential side effects and dangers about specific drugs that are currently on the market.
We may find ourselves cringing if our own doctor ends up prescribing one of these drugs for us. RateADrug provides prescription drug users with a way to share their experiences on taking a particular drug, report on how effective the drug was in treating their condition, and finally if the overall benefits actually exceeded the side effects of taking the drug.

Premed & Students Interested in Healthcare Can Become Part of the Process:

Individuals can enter the name of their drug and learn about the experience of other users. The PreMed Prescription Drug and Experience Program (PPREP) offers students interested in medical or health related careers an opportunity to speak with prescription drug users and gain valuable information on the pro’s and con’s of a particular drug to share with the online community. These students will gain hands-on patient evaluation experience which can be very valuable for those looking to work in careers involving healthcare and interested in increasing the quality of life of prescription drug users.

Finding Out More About Your Drug With the Click of a Button:

I really hope this site catches on. With all of the conflicting information about prescription drugs that we are bombarded with, this site provides a way for users to learn about other's experiences and to share their own. I recently used this site to check on a couple of my own prescriptions. I was able to find some valuable information on one that I just started taking and the other one had not yet been rated by users. Having college interns participate in a program designed to gain information from prescription drug users will hopefully add considerably to the usefulnes and overall content of the site.

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