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Letters of Recommendation

What kind of letters of recommendation do employers want? What are employers looking for when they ask for a letter of recommendation? You can influence the type of letter of recommendations you get by selecting your references carefully and by supplying your references with relevant information about you and what you have accomplished.

Sample Reference Letters
Reference letters vouch for a candidate's work ethic and dependability and can be the final clincher in getting the job after the interview.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are usually the last step in the hiring or acceptance process. Employers and graduate school programs operate on the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior OR past success is a very good predictor of future success.

All About Recommendation Letters
Ideally, letters should cover your academic and scholastic skills, research abilities and experiences, and applied experiences (e.g., co-operative education, internships, related work experience). Recommendation letters are usually very specific and are addressed to a specific individual versus a reference letter which may be more general and not addressed to a specific individual.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation
When applying for internships or jobs be prepared to supply the employer with several recommendation letters and learn about the best way to request such a letter.

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