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You’ve sent out your resume and cover letter and the employer has contacted you to schedule an interview. Here are some tips to ensure a successful interview, your next step in the internship process.
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5 Tips for New College Graduates to Find Jobs
Here are 5 Tips to help new graduates find jobs in today's competitive job market.

Interviewing Strategies for the Shy Person
Effective interviewing tips for the shy tips and ways to use your shyness as an advantage in the interviewing process.

How to Ace the Case Interview
Preparing for a case interview requires applicants to know how to successfully solve specific business problems.

The Case Interview
To be successful in a internship or job case interview, applicants must be able to communicate and solve business problems on the spot.

How to Build a Professional Portfolio
Having a professional portfolio is a great way to show employers specific examples of your work and can oftentimes provide the impetous to hire on the spot.

How to Answer The Tell Me a Little About Yourself Interview Question
Answering the question, "Tell me a little bit about yourself", in an interview can be challenging; but with preparation, can be what ultimately helps candidates get the internship or job.

Questions to Ask an Employer During an Interview
Preparing a list of questions for an interviewer can be just as important as answering the interviewer's questions correctly in the interview.

The Importance of Confidence When Interviewing for an Internship
Learning effective interviewing skills takes practice but it is well worth the effort in the end.

Conducting Several Mock Interviews will Help Prepare You for the Actual Thing
Preparing for an internship or job interview requires practice, practice, practice.

Is it Legal for Employers to Ask for Social Media Passwords?
Maryland has taken the first step to ban employers from asking employees or applicants for their Facebook passwords.

How to Make a Positive First Impression
A successful interview consists of making a positive first and last impression and answering and asking the right questions in between.

Know Your Legal Rights When Interviewing for an Internship or a Job
When interviewing for an internship there are a number of questions that are illegal for an employer to ask.

What is Behavioral Interviewing?
Behavioral interviewing questions give employers a chance to evaluate candidates based on past performance which often predicts future performance in similar situations.

How to Prepare for an Interview
Preparation is key when getting ready to go on an interview for an internship or a job.

Top 10 Interviewing Tips
The internship interview is an opportunity to set yourself apart. It is also a chance to show the employer what you have to offer. Want to ace your next interview? Follow these interviewing tips and strategies and you will be on your way to landing that next internship.

Dress for Success
Since a job interview may be your first and only chance to put your best foot forward , it's important to make a good first impression right from the start. It is said that most people form an impression within the first 30 seconds of a new encounter. That's right, you have 30 seconds to land that internship or job because everything you say after that initial period may not matter.

The Most Dreaded Interview Question
One of the most dreaded questions in an interview is, "Can you please describe your strengths and weaknesses".

Tips for Successful Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are often requested by employers to help them evaluate potential candidates prior to an inperson interview.

Tell Us about Your Skype Interview - Share Your Experience Using Skype in an...
Tell Us about Your Skype Interview - Share Your Experience Using Skype in an Interview

How To Do a Skype Interview
How To Do a Skype Interview - Successful Skype Interviewing

Interviewing Like You Really Mean It!`
The key to successful interviewing is practice, practice, practice. An interview is the gateway to getting any internship or job so it's important to prepare to ace the interview prior to walking in the room.

Informational Interviewing Tips
Informational interviewing is an opportunity to get a first hand look at a career field of interest. When used skillfully, it is one of the most valuable of all sources of occupational information.

Graduated from College With No Job?
It's not unusual for students to find themselves still without a job once they graduate from college.

What is Skype - What you need for Skype
What is Skype - What you need for Skype

Preparing for an Informational Interview
Informational interviewing offers an opportunity to find out relevant information about careers and interviewing for information on careers of interest to you.

Successful Phone Interviews Can Lead to Full-Time Jobs
For many companies phone interviews are the first step in the interviewing process, which then then lead to further interviews and an offer for a full-time job.

Career & Internship Connections

7 Steps to Finding the Right Internship
Here are 7 steps to help you find the right internship.

Acing a Phone Interview
Many companies conduct first interviews over the phone, so it's important that candidates are well prepare for these interviews in order to be considered for the second round of interviews.

Assessing a Summer Internship Adds Value to the Experience
Assessing an internship after its completion is extremely important in order to make the most out of the experience.

Sample Internship Interview Questions
Just like any interview, preparing for an internship interview can be as simple as knowing the type of questions that the interviewer plans to ask.

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