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Tips for Using Facebook When Searching for Internships or Jobs

Social Networking Provides a New Dimension to the Internship/Job Search Process


Although college students may spend the most time and have the most experience on Facebook, many don’t realize the potential of social media when seeking internships or jobs.

For example, did you know that many of the organizations comprised in the Forbes 500 list actively use Facebook for promotions, providing company updates, and actively building followers and communities that help them to expand on their current business model? Just knowing about the number of organizations regularly using Facebook, students can also take advantage of this social networking giant when they are in the process of seeking internships or full-time jobs.

When using Facebook or any other social media site, there are several things you should keep in mind. I’ve listed some of these tips on finding internships on Facebook below.

Tips & strategies for finding internships on Facebook:

  1. Facebook is the communication tool most often used by college students today. In addition to keeping up with family and friends, Facebook can also be used in finding people who are working in organizations of interest and who also may be able to lead to potential internships or even jobs during college or after graduation.

  2. Fan pages on Facebook provide a means of communication to find additional information on organizations that individuals have gathered from other sources.

  3. Company profile pages can provide a way to communicate directly with employees and learn more about the company.

  4. Company blogs are another way to learn about the company from an insider’s view. There are also more blogs being written by the company’s current interns who often fully describe their internship experience on the company’s website.

  5. Many organizations also have their own Facebook pages where they typically promote the company and include information on careers and how to apply.

Things you can do to promote yourself on Facebook:

  1. Since just by the very nature of Facebook, employers who are seeking interns may find a pool of potential interns just by doing a simple google search on the internet. It’s essential to realize the importance of having a Facebook page that doesn’t have any incriminating photos or blog posts attached to it. In addition, make sure you continually monitor your wall and untag yourself from any photos to make sure that no one else is posting potentially harmful information that you wouldn’t want your grandma or employers to see.

  2. The goal is to attract employers who may be interested in hiring you and you don’t want to give them any reason to turn you down right from the start. It is highly recommended that you take the initiative to ensure your Facebook page provides nothing but a professional image especially when you’re in the process of seeking internships or full-time employment.

  3. The use of social networking sites by employers has grown exponentially over the course of the last several years. The ease at which employers can search and find excellent interns and future employees has made Facebook and other sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter a potential gold mine for employers. Employers no longer have to wait for applicants to come to them through resumes and online applications, they now can do their own research and reach out to candidates on their own.

Four reasons why organizations are expanding their use of Facebook and other social media sites in the recruitment process:

  1. The whole expansion of the internet and internet users that use social networking sites as a means of communication with the world in almost every aspect of their lives.

  2. The rapid increase in the way millions of internet users are turning to social media sites for networking, internship and job search, and researching of organizations and jobs.

  3. The growth of professional networking by users over the internet as an extension of using these sites to keep up with friends and family.

  4. The economic recession has totally changed the job market and how people look for potential jobs and internships.

Final Note: social networking sites are one tool to use when seeking internships and jobs. It is not recommended that using Facebook or any other social media site be the only way to look for internships and jobs. Networking with family, friends, past employers, faculty, and your college’s alumni is also a very valuable strategy that can also be most successful in the search process. In addition, seeking internship and/or job opportunities online and prospecting directly with employers are excellent strategies to use as well.

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