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Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

Reflecting on Your Experience


As your internship experience comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the experience and on what you have learned. Taking the time to look back and identify the main components of the experience is one of the keys to getting the most out of it. I’ve identified some questions to help you get the most out of what you learned over the course of your experience.

As you reflect on your internship experience try answering these questions:

  1. Was the internship what you expected (why or why not)?
  2. What was the best part of your internship (and why)?
  3. What was the worst part of your internship (and why)?
  4. Did the internship provide you with any insights that you hadn’t anticipated?
  5. How would you rate your internship on a scale from 1 to 10?
  6. Would you recommend your internship to a friend (why or why not)?
  7. What knowledge and skills did you gain and how do you plan on applying them in the future?
  8. Was your supervisor supportive and did the employer make you feel part of the organization?

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