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Internship Success

Successful interns are prepared to do what it takes to get the job done. They know the value of doing a good job and are prepared to do much more than what the employer asks them to do. They take initiative, ask questions, arrive on time, while staying out of office conflicts or gossip.

Negotiating Salary in Your First Job After College
How to negotiate the salary in your first job after college can be stressful and a little unnerving.

What Did You Learn This Summer?
It's more about the experience and the value of a particular internship than it is about whether it was paid or it was not.

In order to achieve the goals students set out to accomplish by completing a...
In order to achieve the goals students set out to accomplish by completing a summer internship or job, these important tips illustrate some important ways that this can be accomplished.

The Case Interview
To be successful in a internship or job case interview, applicants must be able to communicate and solve business problems on the spot.

Graduating Without a Job
If you are graduating from college and are without a job, don't panic, there are specific strategies you can follow to achieve success.

Workplace Etiquette: What do Employers Expect?
It's best to find out company policies and procedures in regards to technology and electronic devices prior to starting an internship or a job.

Time to Quit Your Internship
There may be some times when quitting an internship is the best thing to do.

Internship Success Guide
The Internship Success Guide offers valuable tips and suggestions on ways to become successful in the today's job market.

Finding a Valuable Mentor Can Help Put Your New Career in the Fast Lane
The importance of developing a strong mentoring relationship with professionals in the field can move your career ahead faster than almost anything else you can do on the first weeks of your internship or job.

Finding a Summer Internship By Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Developing S.M.A.R.T. goals can help you find an internship for the summer.

Handling Conflict in the Workplace
Conflict is a normal part of everyday life and learning how to handle it successfully will make your work life much easier.

How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace
Here are some tips for handling conflict in the workplace to help resolve issues quickly in order to get back to the task at hand.

How To Define a Good Internship?
A good internship takes many forms and it is the students' responsibility to identify their internship goals before they can evaluate where they want to intern.

Finding a Job After College
A list of Top 4 Strategies for college students seeking a job after graduation.

How to Make a Memorable Impression in Your Internship
Body language speaks volumes and lets an employer know that you are confident and serious about doing a good job.

How Can I Guarantee My Internship Is a Success?
Successful internships depend on many things including clear expectations of both the intern and the employer; excellent communication, interpersonal, organization, and time management skills; as well as specific skills required in the field.

The Top 10 Work Values Employers Look For
Personal Values - Personal values are a top priority for employers when hiring new employees since it is the foundation from which an employee operates. Good work values offers the employer someone who has a strong work ethic, is dependable, reliable, honest, and possesses a positive attitude.

Top 10 Tips For Interns
Here are the top 10 things interns can do to make their internship a success.

Job Market Predictions for the Graduating Class of 2012
What are employers saying about the current job market for the Class of 2012 new graduates?

Graduating this year, should I be looking for an internship or a job?
Deciding to apply for an internship or job can provide it's own set of challenges and benefits.

Interviewing Like You Really Mean It!`
The key to successful interviewing is practice, practice, practice. An interview is the gateway to getting any internship or job so it's important to prepare to ace the interview prior to walking in the room.

The Innovation Generation - The Gen Y Way & How New Thinking Can Reclaim the...

What Does it Take to be a Successful Intern?
There are many things you can do to become a successful intern. Employers seek interns who are motivated, show initiative, and maintain a sense of honesty and integrity. They also look for communication, interpersonal, organizational, and computer literacy skills.

Getting Along with Your Boss
Getting along with your boss may require you to use your human relations skills to diffuse conflicts and maintain positive relations.

Graduated from College With No Job?
It's not unusual for students to find themselves still without a job once they graduate from college.

The Top 10 Skills Employers Want
A list of the top ten skills employers look for when hiring on new candidates for any job.

Creating Work-Life Balance for College Students
College can be a very challenging and stressful time for students and learning how to create work-life balance is essential for overall success.

College Students Need More to Get Hired in Today's Competitiv…
As college students flock back to classes this fall, it's important for them to consider additional experiences that will increase their chances of getting a job after graduation.

Top 10 Tips for College Students
How can students better prepare themselves for a job after college.

Are You Unhappy in Your Current Internship?
Even if you find your internship is not what you expected, there may be ways that you can benefit from the experience without quitting early.

How to Benefit From Your Internship
There are many ways to benefit from an internship and the more detailed you can be with your skills and accomplishments, the stronger your resume and cover letter will be.

The Perfect Intern
The perfect intern focuses on developing new knowledge and skills by taking advantage of all that an internship has to offer.

Being Successful on Your First Job After College
Success on the job right after college will take some work in order to be successful.

Johnson & Wales Interview on Internship Program
The Experiential Education and Career Services at Johnson & Wales works hard each year to provide approximately 4,100 students with paid internships.

Options for Finding Summer Work
There are many options for college students to explore even if they haven't been able to secure an internship for the summer.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Your Internship Starts
If you've already landed an internship there are important things that you can do to prepare yourself before the internship starts and to make the experience more successful.

Job Prospects for Class of 2013
The job market for the class of 2013 graduates is being affected by the uncertainty of financial security within the current political system and how that effects the economy.

MVHS Alumni Selected for NASA Internship
For three Navajo University of Arizona (UA) students an internship opportunity was recently awarded to them to participate and contribute scientific research alongside university professors partnered with NASA.

Employers Attracting Talent Through Internship Programs
Recognizing the fact that employers value relevant work experience more than a perfect 4.0 GPA, 78 percent of prospective graduates plan to complete one or more internship during their college career.

For The Smartest Interns, A Golden Opportunity
Many organizations look at their internships as a two month interviewing process. They hire the brightest and the best talent they can find and then put them to the test.

10 Things You Need to Do to Get Promoted Quickly
By following these 10 steps you will increase your chances of moving up in the ranks quickly in any organization.

Hiring Projections for 2014 College Grads is Up - Draft
Hiring projections are up for 2014 graduates this year especially in the fields of business, science, engineering, and liberal arts.

How To Achieve Your Summer Goals

Assessing a Summer Internship Adds Value to the Experience
Assessing an internship after its completion is extremely important in order to make the most out of the experience.

Has the Economy Actually Improved the Outcomes for New College Graduates?
The condition of the current economy for the graduating class of 2014 may be encouraging; but the overall effect of the recent recession has created some serious challenges for the millennial generation.

Is It Still Worth Getting a College Degree?
A huge debate on the value of a college education is taking top billing as students and parents struggle with making these very difficult financial decisions.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)

Milking Your Summer Internship

Top 4 Etiquette Tips for New Interns

Sample Internship Interview Questions
Just like any interview, preparing for an internship interview can be as simple as knowing the type of questions that the interviewer plans to ask.

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