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Favorite Internship Sites of Career Professionals

From General to Specific


Career Services Professionals Speak Out

What internship sites do career professionals recommend most to students?

Career Services professionals from colleges and universities across the country share their favorite sites for both general and specific internship listings. There are a number of well-known sites that have been selected as favorites that are listed below. These sites offer internships in numerous careers and locations. There are also resources for finding internships in specific areas of interest and we've listed some of those favorites below as well.

1. Top Internship Sites

The Top 2 Sites that were recommended repeatedly included:

General sites (offering some amazing opportunities in a variety of career fields).

I suggest that you check with the Career Services Office at your college to find out their recommendations for favorite internship sites that they use with students.

2. YouIntern.com

YouIntern.com offers an online community of college students and employers, where students can review internships in advertising and marketing, and employers can post them.

3. The American Society for Engineering Education

This site offers opportunities for engineering students and was formed by the American Society for Engineering Education.

4. Entertainmentcareers.net

Entertainmentcareers.net offers numerous opportunities for thos looking to get real world experience in the field of entertainment. There are a number of other sites offering information on entertainment resources for college students.

5. Studentjobs.gov

Studentjobs.gov offers a range of internships with the federal government for high school, college, and graduate students.

6. Teamworkonline.com

Teamworkonline.com offers fantastic sports-related internships and is a resource for finding internships from all over the country as well as being one of the very few free sports search sites.

7. Coolworks.com

Coolworks.com offers interesting and fun summer experiences for U.S. and international students.

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