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TimeGate Studios Offers Internships in Programming

Internships Available in Video Gaming


About TimeGate:

In 2004 The Independent Game Developers Association named TimeGate Studios “Rookie Developer of the Year.” Founded in 1998, TimeGate has since realized commercial success from its real-time strategy series Kohan, which was released in 2001 and was then named “RTS Game of the Year”. Konan II: Kings of War put TimeGate at the top of its genre as Computer Games Magazine ranked it the “Top 10 Game of 2004”.

Programming Internship:

TimeGate offers valuable internship experiences for programmers who have an interest in the video game industry. The intern selected for this position will assist the programming department with any game related development they are currently working on. As in any position within the gaming industry, the intern selected must be a self-starter who also has a strong ability to work effectively with others in a team environment. To be a programming intern you must be able to plan and write video software similar to a software engineer.

Programming positions such as the one for TimeGate are for individuals who plan and write video software. Programmers usually work as part of a team that works to create the program which may also consist of graphics engine programmers, artificial intelligence programmers, and tool programmers. It is the job of the programmer to translate ideas into numerical equations which means that those individuals applying for internships and jobs in the industry must have strong math skills consisting of trigonometry, linear algebra, and analytical geometry. For game programming it is usually required to know C and C++ languages which are the most often languages used in the industry. Since the video game industry is so highly competitive, it’s important to consider learning about 3-D and developing expertise in artificial intelligence because these skills are currently in such high demand.

Additional jobs in game development:

In the video gaming industry there are usually four basic divisions - design, artistic, programming, and testing. The design team is responsible for writing the game concept, developing the action of the characters, and establishing the game play elements. While the artistic team creates the images, composes the music, and generates the sound. The testing team actually follows up with the entire game development by playing the game once it’s been developed and testing for bugs in the overall game design. It is the tester that plays games for a living (yes there really are those kind of jobs) and looks for errors in the design prior to sending the game out for production.

Programming Interns are expected to:

  • Maintain existing tools
  • Work with other developers on common goals
  • Plan and estimate new functionality/features
  • Assist with bug investigation and fixing


  • Familiarity with the following languages: C++ and C
  • Possess strong written and verbal skills
  • Have solid organizational skills
  • Must be a good problem solver with the ability to learn quickly
  • Must have strong PC skills

TimeGate also prefers interns with the following experience:

  • Familiarity with the following languages: Perl/PHP, SQL and C#
  • Previous game development experience as an intern, co/op, etc…
  • Previous experience in school related projects/hobbies that involved software development and/or design
  • Strong math background
  • Aggressive and motivated team player


Applicants must be a college junior/senior majoring in Computer Science or a related discipline. Recent graduates with a B.S. in Computer Science are strongly encouraged to apply.


TimeGate Studios 14140 Southwest Freeway Suite 200 Sugarland, TX 77478 United States

To Apply:

To apply for internships and jobs with TimeGate, check out their website for current positions available.

In August 2011, a Newswire Release from the University of Houston Victoria(UHC) helps provide additional information about the internship.

For more information about the program, contact Tavakkoli at 361-570-4204 or tavakkolia@uhv.edu.

For more information about TimeGate Studios, you can visit their website.

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