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Facebook Software Engineer Internship & Co-Op Opportunties

Facebook Offers Great Opportunities to Get Started in the Field


About Facebook:

Since its’ inception, Facebook has become a tremendous social phenomena. In looking back at the history of Facebook, it is a very unique American success story. The success began with the creation of Facemash, Facebook’s predecessor, which was invented by Mark Zuckerberg along with three other Harvard classmates. Facemash was unveiled on October 28, 2003. As a second year college student, Zuckerberg wrote the software for the Facemash website. Originally, Facebook was a social networking site used exclusively by Harvard students. In January of 2004 Zuckerberg began writing the second version of the new website, which is the Facebook we know today.

Internship & Co-Ops:

If you are a student interested in building new features and improving existing products for people around the world on the internet, a position working as a software engineer intern may be just right for you. Facebook, a successful company that both high school and college students know so well, offers great internship and co-op opportunities paying up to $6,000 per month plus awesome starting salaries for those who are ready to graduate.

If you are a student who loves technology and wants to be part of the action in helping to solve unique, large-scale, highly complex technical problems, Facebook is a company that can help you achieve your goals. Facebook seeks highly talented people who are willing and able to keep up with the fast pace of the internet environment. At Facebook it is possible to write code and then be able to see it running live on the site almost immediately. What a high that can be for someone working as an intern or a new graduate just entering the real world.

Facebook is known for its small teams of highly smart and technologically savvy people that build products that each day touch millions of people around the world.

As an intern or co-op student, you will be able to assist professional software engineers in building new features that are being developed to improve existing products like Photos, Video, Groups, NewsFeed, Search, Mobile and Messaging.

Facebook continually seeks interns/co-op students to work for a minimum of twelve weeks by joining their engineering team. What a thrill to be at of the next generation to be working behind the scenes of building Facebook products along with creating web applications that build connections with people around the world.


Internship opportunities are available in Menlo Park, California, and Seattle, Washington.


  • Code high-volume software using primarily C++ and Java
  • Create web applications using primarily PHP
  • Implement web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Build report interfaces and data feeds


  • B.S. / M.S. / PhD Computer Science or related field
  • Expertise with C++ and/or Java
  • Knowledge of Perl or PHP or Python
  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL
  • High levels of creativity and quick problem solving capabilities

To Apply:

Please visit Facebook’s website to apply for internship/co-op opportunities.

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