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Top 10 Work Values Employers Seek


To turn your internship into a job it's important to know exactly what employers are looking for.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Values Employers seek from employees.

1. Strong Work Ethic

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Employers value an employee who understands and possesses a willingness to work hard.

2. Dependable & Responsible

Employers value employees who come to work on time, are there when they are suppose to be, and are responsible for their actions and behavior.

3. Possess a Positive Attitude

Employers seek employees who have initiative and the motivation to get the job done. A positive attitude gets the work done and motivates others to do the same. It is the enthusiastic employee who creates an environment of good will and who provides a positive role model for others.

4. Adaptable

Employers seek employees who are adaptable and maintain flexibility in completing tasks in an ever changing workplace.

5. Honest

Employers value employees who maintain a sense of honesty and integrity above all else.

6. Self - Motivated

Employers look for employees who require very little supervision and direction to get the work done in a timely and professional manner.

7. Motivated to Grow & Learn

In an everchanging workplace, employers seek employees who are interested in keeping up with new developments and knowledge in the field.

8. Strong Self - Confidence

Employees who recognize their skills and strengths are able to utilize them in the workplace and require little prodding or supervision to get their work completed.

9. Professional Behavior

Employers value employees who exhibit behavior that is professional at all times.

10. Loyal

Employers value employees they can trust and value their loyalty to the company

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