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How Can I Guarantee that My Internship Is a Success?


Question: How Can I Guarantee that My Internship Is a Success?
In order to classify an internship as a success, it's important to first clarify your goals. Usually students do internships with a number of goals in mind; such as: gaining relevant work experience, using the experience as a resume builder, developing important relationships with supervisors who act as mentors, and/or establishing important networking contacts and key references to assist in future job searches. While all of these goals are important, students often enter internships with different goals in mind.
Answer: Successful internships depend on many things including clear expectations of both the intern and the employer; excellent communication, interpersonal, organization, and time management skills; as well as specific skills required in the field. New interns must be able to work independently as well as have the ability to function as part of a team. Employers also seek interns who are motivated,willing to do a good job, do more than is expected, and exhibit a positive attitude. Last but not least, employers want employees who arrive and leave on time and adhere to the dress code of the organization.
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