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Internships 101

Ever wonder what an internship actually is and what kinds of internships are available? Have you considered how you will gain the relevant work experience employers are seeking in today's job market?
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Gap Year Experience
Taking time off immediately following college (Gap Year) can provide an opportunity to explore and gain valuable skills to become more marketable to employers.

Getting an Internship Offer That You Don't Really Want
What if you find yourself in a situation where you've received an offer for an internship but you would prefer to wait to see if you receive any other offers?

Survival Guide for College Students
The Survival Guide for College Students offers simple advice on topics ranging from how to get along with your roommate to how to choose the right career.

Deciding if an Internship is Legit
There are a number of warning signs to look for when deciding if an internship is legit.

8 Mistakes to Avoid While Interning for a Company
Internships are pre-professional experiences that can lead to future full-time employment if these mistakes are avoided.

Are Unpaid Internships Legal?
One of the biggest questions about internships recently revolves are the legality of an unpaid internship.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Internships
Nominate and vote for your favorite internship and internship resources for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards beginning January 18, 2012.

Don't Let Misinformation Hold You Back in Finding the Right Internship
Let's de-buff some of the myths that come along when seeking for the right internship.

Tell Us What You Think On the New Guidelines for Internships - New Fe…
How do you think the New Federal Guidelines Will Affect Internships?

Colleges Want the Government to Butt Out
College Presidents, administators, educators, and counselors respond negatively to the The Department of Labor's New Guidelines on Internships.

New Department of Labor Guidelines for Internships
The Department of Labor recently released New Guidelines for companies hiring interns based on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) originally created in 1947.

Exploring Careers through Job Shadowing
Doing an externship or job shadowing experience is an excellent way to explore career options.

Early Deadline Internships
Early internship deadlines occur most often with large, competitive internship programs in popular industries and locations.

Internship FAQ's & Myths
There are many FAQ's and myths surrounding the topic of internships and this article was developed to help students answer some of the most basic questions involved in the process.

Developing Internship Goals
Internship goals help to clarify the type of internship and organization a student might look for a potential internship.

Why Do I Need To Develop Internship Goals?
Developing internship goals helps to structure the internship and create a plan for meeting both the expectations of the intern and the organization.

What is an Externship?
Externships or job shadowing experiences offer very short practical experiences in a particular field of study.

Characteristics of the Baby Boomer
Baby boomers grew up during the turbulent times of the 60’s whose music, events, and the Vietnam War helped define the world in a unique and very different way.

Internships, Working for Peanuts
In a nutshell, an internship is a part or full - time temporary job, which may or may not lead to a more permanent job at the same employer.

Leveraging Your Internship in Your Job Search
Internships provide graduates with a competitive advantage when seeking a new job after graduation.

Interview with Laura LaPerriere, Product Manager of StudentAdvisor.com
StudentAdvisor.com empowers college students of all ages to confidently determine which college is the right fit for their personality, academics, budget, career path, and future.

Virtual Internships are Growing in a Wide Range of Fields
Virtual internships offer a wide range of possibilities for those looking to get real world experience in a number of different fields.

Inequality of Unpaid Internships
Unpaid internships create an inequality based on the fact that a large percentage of students can't afford to do one.

Top 10 Tips for College Students
Students can prepare themselves for the future by doing several simple steps while they are still in college.

Why Should You Hire an Intern?
Interns can bring new skills and a fresh perspective to a company looking to hire them.

Are Employers Moving Away from Unpaid Internships?

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Career & Internship Connections

Alternative Spring Break Ideas

5 Tips for Finding an Internship Online

Can 1st Year Students Get a Summer Internship - Draft
First year college students may find it difficult to find summer internships or jobs but with a little strategizing it may not be as hard as it looks.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)
Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides housing options in 7 different residences for students and college interns in the New York City area.

Unprecedented Decisions Made on Unpaid Internships
Employers must be aware of the Department of Labor's Internship Guidelines to ensure that they are not crossing the line and taking unfair advantage of college students currently enrolled in their internship programs.

How To Achieve Your Summer Goals

Assessing a Summer Internship Adds Value to the Experience
Assessing an internship after its completion is extremely important in order to make the most out of the experience.

Has the Economy Actually Improved the Outcomes for New College Graduates?
The condition of the current economy for the graduating class of 2014 may be encouraging; but the overall effect of the recent recession has created some serious challenges for the millennial generation.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)

Margaret-Ann Shares Her EHS Story

Milking Your Summer Internship

Top 4 Etiquette Tips for New Interns

Sample Internship Interview Questions
Just like any interview, preparing for an internship interview can be as simple as knowing the type of questions that the interviewer plans to ask.

No Internship? Not to Worry
If you have not landed an internship for the summer you may want to try seeking other opportunities that will help you gain some knowledge and skills in the workforce.

Darcie Shares Her EHS Story
Educational Housing Services (EHS) provides great housing accommodations for students and interns in New York City along with other benefits like a secure place to live and interesting trips and outings.

Maria Shares Her EHS Story
Educational Housing Services provides safe, affordable housing options for students and interns in the New York City area.

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