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Institute of International Education

Helping to Better Equip Students to Return & Rebuild Their Communities


About the Institute of International Education (IIE):

One of the unique advantages of getting an experience through IIE is that the organization works to create closer ties amongst its participants as well as bringing educational institutions together throughout the global marketplace.

Although there are thousands of opportunities available within the Unites States, organizations like the Institute of International Education (IIE) provide not only learning but experiences that serve to expand one’s mind and cultural exposure that’s both unique and challenging for its participants. IIE programs serve to offer opportunities to a diverse range of participants that can open doors to organizations and companies seeking candidates that are well-rounded and possess skills to succeed in today’s global economy.

IIE has worked hard to assist international students from countries experiencing upheaval and crisis and even relocate them to safer communities where they can complete their educational experience. IIE has been involved in the past helping students facing natural disasters such as the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, the Asian financial crisis in the 1990’s, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Through IIE’s Emergency Student Fund (ESF) more that one million dollars have been spent in emergency grants to support students in Haiti, Japan, Libya, Thailand and Syria who were all impacted by various forms of a natural disaster. The students who have been helped by IIE may have had to forego their education if it were not for the funds that the organization provided. The goal of the organization is to help students coming from countries experiencing some form of crisis to be able to continue their education through various means of support. Once educated it is expected that these students will have the knowledge and skills required to help them rebuild their home countries. Scholarships, fellowships, and grants have been established to provide funding for US Study Online which is maintained by IIE IEEPASSPORT.ORG provides study abroad programs that encourages true learning in a different culture and environment. To learn more about current programs, students can check out IEE on Facebook.


The Maternal Health Young Champions Program:

The Maternal Health Young Champions Program was designed to reduce mortality rates for women giving birth over the long-term. The Program is a partnership between The Institute of International Education and Harvard School of Public Health that offers fellowships to young people interested in improving the maternal health crisis in their own country. Students involved in the program are usually undergraduates or new graduates interested in public health or a related field. Students are general placed in a nine-month research or field project that focuses on a particular area of maternal health.

http://internships.about.com/od/lifescience/a/publichealthint.htm Faculty for the Future Fellowships Program:

Through The Schlumberger Foundation, The Faculty for the Future Fellowships Program Awards provides women from developing countries a chance to pursue a PhD or post-doctoral studies in the physical sciences, engineering and technology at leading universities abroad. Students are awarded grants up to a maximum of USD $50,000 per year which may be renewed based on specific criteria (performance, evaluation, and recommendations) until the completion of their studies.

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