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Sample Prospecting Letter

Contacting Organizations about Potential Internships


Sample Prospecting Letter

Prospecting letters are used to inquire about potential internships or job openings in hopes of ultimately generating an interview. Since it is better to address your letter to a specific person within the organization; preferably someone with the authority to hire, be sure to research companies prior to sending out prospecting letters.

Lucas Grant
415 Ocean Highway Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 11234

March 23, 200X

Betty White
Executive Marketing Director
Greenhouse Marketing Company
45 Blackhorse Rd.
Santa Anna, CA 34567

Dear Ms. White:

After researching a number of organizations for summer internships in the field of marketing, I was especially impressed with what I have read about Greenhouse Marketing Company and its mission to work directly with small businesses to increase visibility in the marketplace while creating an environment where they can compete with larger and more established firms.

In May, I will be completing my sophomore year at the University of Southern California and my plan is to major in marketing. I have a strong interest in business and management issues with a specific interest in the area of marketing. Through this type of hands on experience, I hope to further develop my professional background in preparation for a position in the marketing field after graduating from college.

Enclosed is my resume offering a summary of my educational background and my previous internship experience in marketing. In addition to marketing, I also worked as a sales associate for Crystals in Los Angeles. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the possibility of an internship with Greenhouse Marketing Company during a follow-up phone call next week. You can also contact me at lgrant@ocean.edu or (415) 324 – 5673.


Lucas Grant


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