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Disney College Program Intern Housing


Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

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Students Reside in Dorm Style Apartments:

Students interning at Walt Disney World live in housing similar to the type of rooms in most residence halls (although much nicer in some instances). Students are provided with safe housing and transportation to and from the parks each day along with many perks, including staff social events, that are included to make their experience not only enjoyable but educational as well.

Disney Amenities:

I had an opportunity to visit the Disney campus after attending a conference in Orlando, Florida. Our group of career professionals from all across the country were given a full tour of the facility, including student housing and classrooms.

I particularly liked the fact that students had an opportunity to take classes while interning at Disney. Since WDW no longer offers summer internships, the fact that classes are offered makes it more feasible that students can participate in an internship while away from their college campus during fall or spring semester.

Applying for College Credit:

Disney offers students a library containing books, videos, and computers to assist them in attaining their personal and professional goals. Disney will work with a student’s college to ensure that students can receive credit for the courses that they take. Students should check with the Career Services Office at their college to find how to go about getting credit for completed coursework if they desire to do so. Students are not required by Disney to take courses, but they do adhere to any requirements that are set forth by the student’s college.

The living arrangements in the apartments offer students a way to live and a chance to make friends with students from all over the world. These are opportunities for students to gain a global perspective and a better understanding about people from many different cultures. As with any other dorm style living arrangement, problems do sometimes occur with maintenance issues and the inevitable roommate problems.

Disney Intern Shares His Personal Experience:

Regular classes and social events are also provided by Disney and are an additional way for students to meet and establish relationships with people who may have different beliefs and speak a different language(s) than their own.

About.com's Guide to IM, Brandon De Hoyos, tells of his experience as a Disney intern.

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