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Executive Director & Founder Speaks About The Internship Institute

Helping Employers Develop Successful Internship Programs


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by Matthew Zinman

(From The Internship Institute's Organizational Profile.)

The Internship Institute champions experiential education as an essential ingredient for college students to become workforce ready. Its principal goal is to raise the quality of internship programs and cultivate more and better opportunities for students to gain career experience.

The Internship Institute’s mission is to effect positive change in experiential and work-based learning through education, advocacy and support initiatives aimed at employers, students, and academic professionals alike.

Matthew Zinman of The Internship Institute writes:

We believe internships are THE core solution to close the gap between school and work. We aim to increase the number and quality of programs/student opportunities by helping employers to:

  1. Remove the barriers for those that lack the resources and expertise to create a successful program.

  2. Improve the quality of work experience programs with our advanced practices model and step-by-step, turnkey support materials.

  3. Focus on "real work productivity" so managers gain the most value and provide students with the best one-on-one work experience.

  4. Help them gain the greatest return on their investment and instill motivation to continue to host students and improve their program.

Here's some background information to review and please check out all we have to offer.

Below is a brief overview about our resources; these are three years and many hundreds of hours in the making (and counting):

Student Work Experience / Staffing Management Solutions

  • A training video (DVD), called The Blueprint for Internship Success, which features our program management model of proven practices for companies and supervisors

  • An Intern Supervisor Guidebook, a companion to the DVD with more about how to effectively manage and mentor students.

    “College students have the greatest need, desire, and aptitude for professional growth. An early emphasis on practical experience and business skills training will increase their value to employers and promote career-long success.”
    ~ Matthew Zinman, Executive Director & Founder, The Internship Institute

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