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Corporate Internships

Many local, national, and international corporations offer internships to add to their regular staff and to increase their talent pool. Oftentimes these corporations use their internship programs as a testing ground for hiring new full-time employees.

PMK-BNC Internship of the Week
PMK-BNC offers a wide variety of internships for students interested in public relations and marketing.

Internship of the Week: Turner Broadcasting
Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) offers a wide va

The General Electric Corporation offers numerous internship and co-op opportunities for students interested in working in the United States or abroad. Various programs specialize in specific career fields, such as: IT, business, human resources, technology, finance plus much more.

Legg Mason Internshps
Legg Mason offers internships in marketing as well as many other business opportunities.

BermanBraun offers many internship opportunities for college students interested in gaining real world experience in media, design, film, and television.

American Greetings Internships & Jobs
American Greetings offers a wide range of internships and jobs for new college graduates.

INTERNSHIP PICK OF THE WEEK: Rodgers and Hammerstein
The marketing department at Rodgers and Hammerstein offers marketing internships for students interested in working in New York City.

Nvidia offers internship opportunities in information technology, technical marketing, architecture, software and hardware, and product management internships in Oregon, California, and Texas.

Johnson & Wales Interview on Internship Program
The Experiential Education and Career Services at Johnson & Wales works hard each year to provide approximately 4,100 students with paid internships.

ConocoPhillips Internships
ConocoPhillips offers some unique opportunities for students interested in entering the field of energy.

Fashionista - Exciting Careers in Fashion

Conde Nast & WIRED Magazine
WIRED Magazine, a Conde Nast publication, offers valuable internship opportunities for students interested in design.

Maureen Dumas, Vice President of Experiential Education at Johnson & Wales
Maureen Dumas, VP of Experiential Education at Johnson & Wales, shares her thoughts on the importance of having the university, employer, and student all on the same page when planning an internship.

Hewlett-Packard Internship & Co-Op Programs
Hewlett-Packard offers internships and co-op programs for students interested in electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering; as well as computer science, information technology, finance, and business administration.

Nordstrom's Internship Program
Nordstrom's has a robust internship program and receives over 900 applicants per year.

Akamai offers many opportunities for college students interested in learning more about careers in technology and various jobs in engineering.

Facebook Software Engineer Internship & Co-Op Opportunties
Facebook offers an opportunity for future software engineers to work with professionals in the field and to gain the valuable experience they will need to get hired.

Internship Opportunities at KPMG
KPMG offers a wide range of internship opportunities both domestic and abroad.

Qualcomm, a leading developer of advanced wireless technologies, provides internships for college students interested in pursuing various career fields, such as: engineering, technology, business development, plus many more.

SONY'S SPECTRUM Internship Program
Sony Pictures Entertainment offers fall, spring, and summer paid internships in television, movies, and film through their Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) Spectrum Internship Program.

Ann Taylor Internships
Ann Taylor, a high end retailer of women's fashions, offers a variety of internships to college students in marketing, PR, corporate training, business management, and communications.

YouTube - The Largest Video Website Available
YouTube, the most innovative video-sharing website available, provides challenging, rewarding, and fun internships and jobs for creative and technologically savvy individuals.

Workplace Etiquette: What do Employers Expect?
It's best to find out company policies and procedures in regards to technology and electronic devices prior to starting an internship or a job.

Save-A-Lots 'Road Scholars' Annual Competition
Two students who get a chance to compete in Save-A-Lot's 'Road Scholars' Program 2012 will get to visit 12 cities on the eastern coast of the United States this summer.

Internship Opportunities at Deloitte
Deloitte has been voted one of the best places to intern by Vault, Bloomberg Business, Catalyst, FORTUNE, Working Mother, and DiversityInc.

2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Internship
About.com's 2012 Reader's Choice Awards (RCA) seeks nominations for the category "Best Internship". Please join us by selecting your favorite internship.

Kenneth Cole Offers a Wide Variety of Internships for Fall Semester
Kenneth Cole Productions offers a wide variety of internships in its New York City and New Jersey Offices.

2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Organization to Intern For
Nominate and vote for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for best organization to intern for.

2012 Readers' Choice Award for Best Site for Finding Internships
Nominate and vote for 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Best Site for Finding Internships. Nominations begin on January 18, 2012.

Top Paid Internships
Students should check out the list of some of the top paid internships around today.

Penny's Top Internship Sites for 2014
The list below includes some of my all time favorites and the ones I use on a regular basis for finding internships. Several of these sites are excellent choices for just about any type of internship while others focus more on specific career fields or areas of interest. When beginning my search for an internship, these would be the first places...

How to Find a Paid Summer Internship
Finding a paid summer internship can be challenging but by understanding the process and following a few strategies and techniques, students can increase their chances of finding a paid opportunity over the summer.

Paid Internship Opportunities at J.P.Morgan
J.P.Morgan offers a large wide variety of valuable paid internship experiences for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD level.

BP Internship & Co-op Opportunities
BP provides excellent internship and co-op programs for students majoring in engineering, science, and business.

Internship Opportunities with Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc., offers a wide-range of internship opportunities ranging from engineering to sales in locations all over the world.

UBS's Full-Time & Summer Associate Program
UBS prepares students for a successful career by offer a diverse internship and co-op program complete with pay, mentoring, and many unique benefits.

Finding a Research Internship at IBM
IBM offers a number of excellent internships for students interested in research and engineering.

Yahoo! Offers Students Great Internship Opportunities
Yahoo! provides many types of internships and fun learning experiences for students.

Paid Internships with Intel
Intel offers challenging internship opportunities for students majoring in engineering, science, and businees in the United States and abroad.

Ways You Can Afford to do an Unpaid Internship
If you can't afford to do an unpaid internship perhaps several of these strategies and techniques will help you to find funding.

Internships Available at Intuit
At Intuit interns get a chance to complete paid summer internships in engineering, quality assurance, marketing, finance, etc.

Internships at Broadcom
High tech, engineering, and business internships are available for students interested in a challenge working for Broadcom.

The Boston Consulting Group - Internships with The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group - Internships with The Boston Consulting Group

Internship Opportunities at Apple
Apple, Inc., provides a wide variety of internship opportunities for students interested in computer science, sales, and marketing.

Interview with Amway Intern
Bethany describes her experience as an Amway intern.

Intern Speaks of Her Internship Experience with Amway
Charlotte, a previous intern with Amway, speaks out about her experience.

Interview with Amway Manager Of College Talent & Candidate Experience
Manager College Talent and Candidate Experience answers questions about internships with Amway.

Honeywell's Innovative Scholarship Program
Through Honeywell's Innovator Scholarship Internship Program, the company offers paid scholarships to students in engineering and technology from 18 targeted universities.

Why Work at Google?
Google offers many opportunities for students and job seekers and prides itself on its unique benefit package and challenging and fun work environment.

Software Engineer Internships Available at Google
Google offers many opportunities for students to gain relevant work experience in technical fields through their internship program.

Jobs at Disney
Walt Disney World offers many entry-level and professional jobs for individuals looking to work in the #1 theme park in the world.

Disney College Program Intern Housing
Walt Disney World offers dorm style housing to all undergraduate interns working at the park.

Consumer Reports Internship Opportunities
Consumer Reports offers a wide variety of internships for college students looking to get some concrete internship experience with a major well-known and reputable publication.

The Walt Disney World College Program
The Disney College Program is a unique experience combining education with real world experience in one of the most beautiful and exciting settings imaginable. Who doesn’t become a little kids again immediately upon arrival at the park. I can’t think of anyplace else that offers such diversity and that provides an opportunity to learn and meet the challenges of our global world.

University of Dreams
University of Dreams is an internship placement agency that assists college students in finding internships in an industry and location of choice.

The Magazine Publishers of America Summer Internship Program
The Magazine Publishers of America offers magazine internships each summer for students entering their senior year of college.

Internship Best Practices
Intern Bridge in partnership with the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) conducted a survey that included over 100 different colleges and universities and 12,000 students.

Interview with Executive Director & Founder of The Internship Institute
Matthew Zinman of The Internship Institute discusses the goals of the organization and their development of employer resources for the purpose of creating successful internship programs.

Experience, Inc. Offers "Exclusive Experiences"
Experience, Inc. offers students opportunities to meet and interview industry leaders which may end of on Experience, Inc.'s videotapes of students entitled "Defining Moments".

About Experience
Experience, Inc. is the leading provider of career services for college students and alumni.

Jenny Floren, Founder and CEO of Experience, Inc.
Jenny Floren is the Founder and CEO of Experience, Inc., the nation's leading provider of career services for college students and alumni.

Interview with Jenny Floren, Experience, Inc.
A brief synopsis and discussion on the expectations of today's college student and concrete steps employers can take to maximize on their potential.

What Employers Need to Know To Develop an Effective Internship Program
Experience.com offers employers tips and advice on developing effective internship programs in their white paper, “How to Recruit for and Manage an Effective Internship Program.”

Employer Best Internship Practices
Internship best practices were developed by Intern Bridge and based on the Northeast Internship Study that took place late fall of 2007.

Internship Study Offers Students' Perspective & Expectations
In late fall of 2007, Intern Bridge conducted a study on student expectations of internships from over 100 colleges and universities and including over 12,000 college students.

The OASIS Internship Experience in Orlando, Florida
The Orlando Area Student Intern Society (OASIS) offers college students affordable short-term housing as well as rewarding internship experiences with a variety of employers in the Orlando area.

Developing an Internship Program
Interns provide a valuable contribution to organizations and many organizations are beginning to recognize the value of developing strong internship programs.

The Movie, "The Internship"
In the movie "The Internship" there is an inspirational message for people seeking internships and jobs in a competitive economy.


Internship Opportunities at EBay
EBay, the leading e-commerce company in the world, offers many opportunities for college students to get their start in the field of IT, business development, marketing, finance, law, human resources, operations, and procurement.

Citigroup Internships
Each year the Markets & Banking and Investment Research businesses seek outstanding candidates in their penultimate year of study for Citigroups Summer Internship Program.

Internship Opportunities at NBC Universal
NBC Universal offers a wide range of internship experience for students interested in the fields of business, media, and entertainment.

Great Internship Opportunities with Pricewaterhousecoopers
Pricewaterhousecoopers offers coaching and training and real hands-on experience to its interns through its various internship programs.

Disney-ABC Television Group Paid Internships for College Students
Disney-ABC Television Group offers many full time paid internships in New York City for students currently attending college.

Internships at Intel
Intel is ranked highly by Businessweek as "one of the best places to launch a career" and an internship in software engineering with Intel will help students gain valuable skills to leverage when seeking a full-time job.

Is a College Degree Enough?
Although having a college degree is important, many employers are saying that it's just not enough.

Why Should You Hire an Intern?
Interns can bring new skills and a fresh perspective to a company looking to hire them.

Software Internship at Microsoft
Microsoft offers many internship opportunities for students interested in technology and research.

Our teams have been active throughout the world for over 40 years now, continually improving the quality of patient care and ensuring a high level of microbiological safety in products for consumers.

Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation Internship Program
As an intern, students will be involved in business activities, work in a technical area, or conduct scientific research and development.

Typically offered in the summer, these programs enable students to experience work life in the real estate development, homebuilding, construction, management and landscaping fields.

This program includes undergraduate and graduate level talent that work across various Company functions, including marketing and finance.

Cross Country Healthcare
At Cross Country HealthCare an internship is a learning experience specifically designed to allow the student to explore a career field and gain work-related skills under supervision in a professional environment.

Internships in news, advertising, finance, production, marketing and information systems are available at many of our newspapers. While getting an internship doesn’t guarantee a job at Gannett, it does mean a big foot in the door if you’re interested in the newspaper business.

Experienced and entry-level leadership programs as well as internships and co-ops are available for qualified candidates in Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the United States.

The Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria GBC
The role of the Corporate Relations Interns is to build and research trends of member and prospective companies of GBC, and to assist in the administrative functions of the department.

Goldman Sachs
Short-term positions at Goldman Sachs, include the summer analyst and summer associate internship programs.

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities National Int. Program
Participating agencies and corporations hope to increase diversity in their work force by providing these internships to high-achieving Hispanic students. This creates a pipeline of future employees who have had positive, meaningful work experience.

Hormel Foods Marketing Internship
Hormel Foods Corporation has exciting opportunities for Brand Management Marketing Interns in two of our marketing divisions: Meat Products and Grocery Products. These full-time, 40 hours per week internships will be located in our Corporate Office in Austin, MN, and will begin in May and run through the summer.

Reinforce your education through practical, hands-on work experience in Kodak's exciting and meaningful Cooperative Internship Programs (CIP). Contribute ideas and develop knowledge, leadership and communications abilities while interacting and collaborating with top professionals in your field.

Language Link
By joining Language Link as Teacher-Interns, applicants receive 2 weeks of intensive TEFL training in Moscow prior to the start of their contract.

Stagiaires are given the opportunity to work within one of our practice areas under the supervision of senior lawyers and partners, to gain an insight into the legal work of their chosen department and the day-to-day work of lawyers.

Wal*Mart offers summer internships to eligible college juniors and seniors who are interested in a career with them. During a 10-week program, students learn how a successful multimillion-dollar business operates.

Internships with the NBA
For students interested in gaining experience in the fascinating world of sports.

NBC Universal
Internships available in news, sports, entertainment, digital media, marketing, advertising & promotions, and corporate.

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Northwestern Mutual offers a summer internship program for students interested in learning more about the actuarial profession.

Internships with the NFL
From time to time the participating teams in the NFL will be looking for interns. A variety of opportunities exist for interns interested in gaining experience with a major sports team.

NPR Internships
NPR offers internships at its national headquarters in Washington, D.C., and at our NPR West office in Culver City, CA. The internship program is designed to provide students and recent graduates with an opportunity to learn about broadcasting and the supporting areas of NPR.

An intern in the Corporate and Entertainment Affairs department will get an inside look at the workings of Hollywood and the effort put forth behind the scenes to bring about a change in television.

Proctor & Gamble Offers a Wide Range of Internship Opportunities

A career in retail requires creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to adapt to the ever changing marketplace. That is why PETCO seeks out the cream of the crop from colleges across the country to come run with us, the "Big Dog" in our specialized segment of the retail industry.

Sage Journals Online
A full-time paid internship with a corporation that is part of a 15-month master's degree program for prospective teachers. Corporate educators are involved in recruitment, selection, teaching, placement, and supervision of prospective teachers.

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
Each year, Argonne helps to train nearly 1,000 college graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and offers numerous undergraduate internships where students work with researchers in areas such as applied mathematics, chemistry, climate modeling, computational biology, computer science, nanoscience, and physics.

State Farm Insurance
State Farm College Relations Representatives continually seek qualified individuals to fill intern positions.

Steak 'n Shake
Interns in Indianapolis are assigned to the Company's best people to ensure that the experience builds a broad leadership perspective. Past projects included hands-on shift supervision, the development of sales forecasting models, beverage and dessert analyses, site selection recommendations, training curriculum development, customer service measurement and analysis, and crew hiring proposals.

Work in a team environment designed to promote and reward individuality, innovation, leadership and strong business results.

Internships at Google
Google offers worldwide opportunities for students interested in technical fields as well as those with a more liberal arts background.

The Verizon College Intern/Co-Op Program (CIP) offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate business and technical majors the opportunity to apply professional skills and gain valuable practical experience in the dynamic telecommunications industry.

Ready for your next challenge after college? Make your transition into the professional world with an exciting position at Wachovia.

Walgreens Corporate Internship Program
The Walgreens Corporate summer internship program offers students the opportunity to apply their education in real world situations. Interns have an excellent opportunity to contribute their skills and sharpen their talents as they work on challenging projects and assist with day to day operations.

Chevron Rotational Program



Careers in Consulting

Top Overall Internships for 2014

Bates White Summer Internship Program

Elliott Davis Internship Program

Evercore Partners Investment Banking Internship Program
Evercore Partners, ranked #1 for Best Banking and Finance internships by Vault.com, offers college students unique internships experiences in investment banking.

Do You Want to Be a CEO?
Gaining marketing experience early on by completing one or more internships is a great place to start if you are interested in becoming a future CEO.

Houlihan Lokey
Houlihan Lokey offers summer financial analyst internships for individuals looking to get a future job in investment banking.

10 Things You Need to Do to Get Promoted Quickly
By following these 10 steps you will increase your chances of moving up in the ranks quickly in any organization.

Career & Internship Connections


Internships at Nike
Nike offers internship opportunities for students interested in various areas of design and market research.

Northwestern Mutual's Internship Program
Northwestern Mutuals Internship Program can be the first step to getting into the industry of financial industry; but it's not the right opportunity for everyone.

INTERNSHIP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Gilbert V. Hemsley Jr. Internship in Lighting
The Gilbert V. Hemsley Jr. Internship in Lighting provides opportunities for individuals with an artistic eye who also enjoy technology and are interested in becoming a future lighting designer.

Summer Internships at Deloitte
Deloitte has consistently been ranked in the top 10 internships for consulting, banking, and financial services.

Wealth management internships at Plante Moran gain experience working in teams on a wide range of projects in consulting from institutional investing to high net worth individuals and families

Internship Opportunities with KPMG
KPMG provides internship opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about tax accounting and legal advising.

Square, the company that created the Square Card Reader, seeks college students with expertise in computer science, electrical engineering, math, or a related technical field.

Splunk, located in San Francisco, is seeking interns interested in software engineering who are currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field.


Internship of the Week: Microsoft
Microsoft has a Program Manager internship experience available for students pursuing a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degree in engineering, computer science or a related field.

Internship of the Week: Microsoft
Microsoft has a Product Manager internship available for students pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field.

The World Bank
The World Bank offers a structured training program for graduate students seeking opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills required for working in this elite organization.

INTERNSHIP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian in Washington DC provides many valuable internships for students receiving federal student aid.


Internship Pick of the Week: Cubic Corporation

Internship at Westar Energy
Vault.com acknowledges Westar Energy as the company with the top engineering internship in America.

Get Plugged In at G.E.
GE Global Research is seeking a legal intern for its location in Niscayuna, NY.

Internship Pick of the Week: Accenture
Accenture provides a great training program and paid internships for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the field of consulting.

INTERNSHIPS: Global Investment Management at Black Rock
Black Rock, a leading provider of global investment management, provides internships for students interested in IT, computer science, or a related field.

Can 1st Year Students Get a Summer Internship - Draft
First year college students may find it difficult to find summer internships or jobs but with a little strategizing it may not be as hard as it looks.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios offers many interesting internships for anyone interested in children's programming.

Garmin, the worldwide provider of navigation products, offers an amazing paid internship program that includes some outrageous benefits.

Internships at Symantec
Students interested in getting a great internship in computer science or related discipline with benefits, should go to Symantec's website and see what they have to offer.

Electronic Arts provides internships for students interested in learning more about the online gaming industry.

Employers must be aware of the Department of Labor's Internship Guidelines to ensure that they are not crossing the line and taking unfair advantage of college students currently enrolled in their internship programs.

Crowe Horwath offers 10 week accounting and consulting internships to college students who are interested in gaining experience in these fields.

Kimberly Clark is already setting its sights on students planning for an internship for summer of 2015.

Has the Economy Actually Improved the Outcomes for New College Graduates?
The condition of the current economy for the graduating class of 2014 may be encouraging; but the overall effect of the recent recession has created some serious challenges for the millennial generation.

Dominion Enterprises offers software development internships that helps college students gain the relevant knowledge and skills they will need to get hired in the field.

NPR – A Unique Place to Intern
At NPR interns get an opportunity to learn new skills and participating as part of a team. Legal internships offer an array of opportunities for law school students looking to gain experience in the field.

Internship of the Week: Motorola Mobility
Motorola Mobility puts students right in the middle of the communications industry as they strive to learn the industry as an intern working for the company.

Internship of the Week: Apple Engineering Program Coop/Internship
Apple has a Fall 2014 engineering internship available for students with extensive computer knowledge.

Who Needs a LinkinIn Profile?
In today's world, LinkedIn is the social media guru for making professional networking connections and for finding internships or jobs.

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