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Career Exploration

Are you wondering what kind of career you will seek after graduation? Do you often think about leaving your current job for something more rewarding and satisfying but you don't know what that is? Engaging in some career research and exploring career options can give you the information you need to make an informed career decision.
  1. Advertising Marketing Sales (26)
  2. Education (3)
  3. Engineering (21)
  4. Entertainment (40)
  5. Environment (4)
  6. Fashion (7)
  7. Finance (76)
  8. Government (49)
  9. Health Care (5)
  10. Journalism (23)
  11. Life Sciences (22)
  12. Non-Profit (31)
  13. Social Sciences (3)
  14. Sports Industry (11)
  15. Technology Internships (44)
  16. The Arts (26)

Opportunities Working With Children
Students interested in working with children have many choices including teaching, summer camps, recreational programs, museums, and community agencies. College students interested in art, music, education, science, etc., can find many summer internship and job opportunities available.

Using Your College’s Career Development Center
Students should begin visiting the Career Development Center at their college during their first year.

Choosing a College Major
Many factors play a role in career decision making and choosing a major is only one piece of the puzzle.

Internships for High School Students
A high school internship can be a very valuable experience that helps you explore career options and that cn help you get accepted into college.

The Career Planning Process
The career planning process is a five step strategy that includes self-assessment, research or career exploration,decision-making, searching or taking action, and acceptance. The first step is doing a self - assessment to find out how your skills, interests, values, and personality fit in with specific career fields.

Researching Companies & Organizations
There are many resources available for researching companies and organizations to learn more about internship and career opportunities as well as their mission and business focus.

Why You Really Ought to Want to Love Your Work
No matter your current position, every once in awhile, it's time to assess whether the career you have created is the best career for you.

Career Planning Over the Holidays
The holidays are a great time for college students to get a jumpstart on preparing for a career once they ve graduated from college. Of course seniors can begin their job search during this time if they haven t done so already; but both seniors and underclassmen can also begin looking for job shadowing and internship opportunities for winter...

Job Market Predictions for the Graduating Class of 2012
What are employers saying about the current job market for the Class of 2012 new graduates?

Summer Camps in the Southwest
College students seeking summer employment can find a wide-range of experiences working at a summer camp in the Southwest.

Summer Camps in the Northwest
College students seeking summer employment can find a wide-range of experiences working at a summer camp in the Southeast.

Pursuing a Law Career

Creating a Lean In Circle

Internship Opportunities with KPMG
KPMG provides internship opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about tax accounting and legal advising.

Alternative Spring Break Ideas

7 Steps to Finding the Right Internship
Here are 7 steps to help you find the right internship.

The World Bank
The World Bank offers a structured training program for graduate students seeking opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills required for working in this elite organization.

Electronic Arts provides internships for students interested in learning more about the online gaming industry.

Is It Still Worth Getting a College Degree?
A huge debate on the value of a college education is taking top billing as students and parents struggle with making these very difficult financial decisions.


Dominion Enterprises offers software development internships that helps college students gain the relevant knowledge and skills they will need to get hired in the field.

Milking Your Summer Internship

Maria Shares Her EHS Story
Educational Housing Services provides safe, affordable housing options for students and interns in the New York City area.

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