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Penny Loretto

Environmental Opportunities with The SCA

By November 28, 2012

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Environmental concerns are making headlines and causing governments and concerned citizens around the world to take notice.  Climate change the depletion of natural resources,
deforestation of the rain forests, pollution of the world's oceans, conservation of endangered species, and a host of other concerns have become major points.

Debates rage over many of these issues, the impact they are having on our world, and the potential solutions.

Climate change is probably the single biggest environmental crisis of our time.  Recent occurrences like Hurricane Sandy, the cycle of severe weather that hit the midsection of the United States this past season, and other unprecedented weather patterns have driven home the fact that we need to make changes before the earth reaches out and strikes us down.

Other issues are intrinsically linked to one another; the solution to conserving natural resources, reducing air & water pollution, and creating new clean energy sources all go hand in hand.  As we find solutions to one problem we move in a positive direction toward solutions for the other.

On a localized basis, communities are searching for ways to create a more sustainable population.  Over 83 % of Americans live in metropolitan areas. The challenge is to help these areas develop a sustainable community that can continue in a healthy way in an uncertain future.

As these issues move to the forefront they bring along with them a host of new career  opportunities. An eco-job, or green job, is a job in the public or the private sector where the focus is lessening the impacts of humanity on our environment.  These careers carry the combined benefit of a career in a burgeoning evolving industry while at the same time allowing an individual to get solidly behind a cause they believe in.

For those interested in sustainability and in improving the environment, the Student Conservation Association offers some great internship opportunities in many places across the country.

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